Sen Dog Reflects on Detroit's Influence on Cypress Hill's Music and Cannabis Advocacy

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In the rich tapestry of American music and culture, few bonds are as compelling and enduring as the one between Cypress Hill and the city of Detroit. Since their first visit in 1991, this legendary hip-hop group, which includes members Senen “Sen Dog” Reyes, nasally MC B-Real, percussionist Eric Bobo, and tour DJ, DJ Lord, has forged a profound connection with the city, rooted in mutual respect and shared experiences. This connection has grown stronger with each passing year, reflected in the group’s frequent visits and performances, including their upcoming concert at The Fillmore to celebrate 4/20, featuring fellow West Coast legends the Pharcyde and Souls of Mischief.

The Fire Station and Ore Dock Brew Up Support for Cannabis Record Clearing

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The Fire Station is teaming up with Ore Dock Brewing Company to host "Buds, Brews, and Beats," a fundraiser event aimed at supporting the Great Lakes Expungement Network (GLEN). The event is scheduled to take place at the Ore Dock on April 19th, 2024, from 6 p.m. to 9 p.m. In an effort to contribute to GLEN's mission of expunging cannabis-related records, the event will charge a $5 entry fee, with all proceeds directly benefiting the nonprofit.

Logan Stauber, Co-owner and co-CEO of The Fire Station, expressed enthusiasm about the collaboration, noting the significance of aligning the event with the cannabis industry's peak celebration period. "Partnering with Ore Dock, a like-minded ally in this cause, enhances our efforts to support individuals still impacted by past cannabis offenses," Stauber remarked.

The fundraiser will feature the return of Ore Dock’s Super Dank IPA, a specialty brew previously produced for The Fire Station’s 2022 Camp Cannabis event. The evening will also be animated by performances from three local bands: Ghoul for a Goblin, Realms, and No Expectations, promising an engaging mix of music and community spirit.

Amanda Courchaine, Ore Dock’s Curated Events Manager, shared her enthusiasm about the partnership. "Our previous collaborations with The Fire Station have been profoundly rewarding, and we are excited to continue this partnership through such a purposeful event," she stated.

This community-centric event not only seeks to aid in the expungement of cannabis records but also strengthens the bond between local businesses and the causes they support, fostering a more engaged and supportive community environment.

Free Cannabis for a Year and More in Skymint's April 20 Celebration

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In celebration of the cannabis holiday on April 20th, Michigan-based dispensary Skymint has announced a special promotion, offering "free cannabis for a year" to one grand prize winner. The winner will receive a monthly stipend of $250 to spend on any Skymint-branded products, including merchandise and accessories.

The giveaway also includes prizes for other participants. Ten second-place winners will each receive a $100 DoorDash gift card, and fifty third-place winners will be awarded a limited edition Skymint T-shirt.

To enter the raffle, customers must spend a minimum of $75 at any of Skymint's 19 locations across Michigan, earning them one raffle ticket. Participants can increase their chances by entering daily until April 20th, with the winners being announced the following day.

"April 20th is our national holiday to celebrate legal cannabis in all its forms," said Beth Stone, Skymint's retail sales manager. "We are excited to welcome our customers across Michigan to join in the festivities and enjoy the Skymint experience. This day provides a perfect opportunity to show our appreciation to our customers in a significant way."

In addition to the raffle, Skymint is offering a 42% discount on all purchases made on April 20th at all its locations. Various stores will also host additional promotions and activities to mark the occasion.

House of Dank Celebrates 420 Festival with New Store Opening and Special Deals

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House of Dank, a prominent cannabis retailer in Michigan, is gearing up to celebrate the annual 420 cannabis culture festival on Saturday, April 20th, 2024. All House of Dank locations across the state will engage in festivities from opening time until 6:00pm, welcoming customers aged 21 and over who possess valid government photo identification. These celebrations are set to be particularly special this year as they coincide with the grand opening of the 10th House of Dank outlet in Lansing, marking the beginning of the retailer's expansion with three new stores set to open throughout the year.

The day-long event promises a variety of activities and opportunities for patrons to enjoy. Each location will offer music, special product discounts, and the chance to win prizes through hourly raffles. Additionally, the first 50 customers at each store will receive a complimentary gift bag. Event details and store hours can be found on the retailer’s website at

Highlights of the 4/20 celebration include:

  • Cannabis flower options starting at $10 per eighth
  • Select vape cartridges priced at $7.50
  • Concentrates beginning at $10
  • Buy-one-get-one deals on edibles

Moreover, attendees will have the chance to savor local cuisine from food trucks, enjoy music from some of Michigan’s top DJs, and explore merchandise from House of Dank’s own line. Over $20,000 in products and prizes will be distributed throughout the day.

Marvin Jamo, the owner of House of Dank and a known enthusiast of both cannabis and sunglasses, expressed his excitement about the event, describing it as a "cannabis family reunion." He emphasized the importance of celebrating the shared passion for cannabis within the community and showing appreciation for the retailer’s loyal customers.

House of Dank’s commitment to quality, expertise, and community well-being is evident in their approach to not only retailing premium cannabis products but also fostering a sense of community among cannabis enthusiasts in Michigan and beyond.

Chesterfield Welcomes First Recreational Cannabis Dispensary with JARS Cannabis Grand Opening

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Last week, JARS Cannabis celebrated the grand opening of its latest outlet in Chesterfield Township, marking the establishment of Macomb County's third JARS location. The event featured a ceremonial ribbon-cutting attended by members of the township’s Board of Trustees and representatives from the Anchor Bay and Southeast Michigan chambers of commerce.

The new 3,100-square-foot retail space is Chesterfield’s inaugural recreational cannabis dispensary. Launched in February, this venue is part of the Troy-based company's expansion, being its 21st store in Michigan. The opening ceremony offered an array of activities including a food truck, exclusive giveaways, and significant discounts of 30% storewide, underlining JARS Cannabis’s commitment to nurturing an informed and inclusive cannabis community in the area.

The dispensary boasts a comprehensive product range, including a wide variety of flowers, pre-rolls, edibles, vapes, concentrates, topicals, and tinctures, catering to different customer preferences and price points. Additionally, it provides convenient shopping options such as curbside pickup and delivery services.

Historically, Chesterfield Township was among the numerous Michigan localities that opted out of issuing cannabis licenses following the statewide legalization of recreational cannabis in 2018. However, a successful petition initiated four years later swayed local opinion. The resulting referendum saw 57% of voters, from a total of 20,700 participants, supporting the legal sale and distribution of cannabis.

JARS Cannabis asserts that its operations contribute significantly to the local economy by generating employment opportunities and increasing tax revenues, thereby enhancing Chesterfield Township’s economic landscape.

Traverse City Celebrates a Year of Recreational Cannabis

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Traverse City has reached the one-year milestone since the introduction of recreational cannabis sales, an event that was highly anticipated and, according to local stakeholders, well worth the wait. While many Michigan cities quickly launched recreational cannabis operations following the state's legalization in 2018, Traverse City took a more cautious approach, deliberating extensively on the best practices for implementation. The city's dispensaries only began selling recreational cannabis in March 2023.

City Finances and Plans

The city manager of Traverse City, Liz Vogel, reported a significant financial boost from the state in the form of approximately $709,000, allocated from a 10 percent excise tax on statewide recreational cannabis sales. This payment, which equates to about $59,000 for each of the twelve active dispensaries in the city, will be an annual benefit. Currently, with no designated use for these funds, the city enjoys considerable flexibility in future spending.

The city initially granted 16 dispensary licenses, though several are still in the development stages. The decision on how to use the additional revenue will ultimately lie with the city commission. Discussions have ranged from enhancing local police resources to potentially earmarking funds for specific community projects, though no formal decisions have been made by the newly elected commission.

Impact on Local Businesses

For local dispensaries, the introduction of recreational sales has been transformative. Justin Elias, president and co-founder of PUFF Cannabis, noted that while the delay in approving recreational sales impacted their finances, the new revenue stream has been robust, multiplying their income compared to medical-only sales. Elias emphasized the economic relief the new market has provided, helping to recoup losses from previous years.

Recreational sales have not only benefited established businesses but have also attracted tourists, further boosting the local economy. Traverse City, known for its picturesque setting and vibrant tourist industry, now offers another attraction for visitors who can easily purchase cannabis recreationally.

Community and Customer Feedback

Local businesses have seen a positive response from both tourists and residents. Michael Thue, managing partner at Verts Neighborhood Dispensary, highlighted the enthusiasm from customers, particularly those visiting the city. His business focuses on locally sourced products, enhancing its appeal by supporting the regional cannabis industry.

Despite the success, some challenges remain. The market might face a potential contraction as competition intensifies. Both Elias and Thue predict a reduction in the number of operating dispensaries over time, suggesting that those with superior customer service and high-quality products are more likely to endure.

Looking Forward

As Traverse City navigates the evolving landscape of recreational cannabis, stakeholders remain optimistic yet realistic about the challenges and opportunities ahead. The city and its cannabis businesses continue to adapt, aiming to sustain growth and support from the community.