2024 Zalympix Michigan Judge Kits Launch July 20th

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Exotic Matter is pleased to announce the release of the Zalympix Michigan Judge Kits, a unique chance for cannabis aficionados to engage in a people's choice competition, aimed at identifying the finest cannabis brands and strains across Michigan. Organized by Exotic Matter in collaboration with Greenwolf and The Refinery, and sponsored by House of Dank, these coveted judge kits will be available at select Michigan retail locations starting July 20th.

Participating Retailers:

  • 313 North - Inkster
  • Cloud - Detroit
  • Dreams - Southfield
  • Elevated Exotics - Escanaba
  • Elevated Exotics - Republic
  • Fivebuds - Roscommon
  • Herbology - Coldwater
  • Herbology - River Rouge
  • House of Dank - 8 Mile
  • House of Dank - Monroe
  • Liv - Ferndale
  • Mindright - New Baltimore
  • Mint - Portage
  • Nobody's Home - Benton Harbor
  • Olswell - Grand Rapids
  • Planted - Flint
  • Puff - Utica
  • Quality Roots - Berkley
  • Quest - Whitmore Lake
  • Refinery - Detroit
  • Shango - Hazel Park
  • The Refinery - Kalamazoo
  • The Trap - Muskegon

Kit Details and Pricing

The Zalympix Judge Kits are available in two types: Flower and Rosin. Limited to 300 flower kits and 100 rosin kits, each kit is priced at $250. The flower kits contain 48 grams of premium flower, while the rosin kits include 14 grams of high-quality rosin. This exclusive offering provides participants with an exceptional opportunity to sample and judge some of the finest cannabis products available in Michigan.

Categories and Competition

Judges will evaluate entries across several categories, including:

  • Best Looking
  • Best Tasting
  • Best Overall
  • Heaviest Hitting
  • Best Terps
  • Gassiest

With 24 Flower brands and 14 Rosin brands competing, Zalympix Michigan promises to highlight the top-tier and most innovative cannabis products in the state.

"We're very excited about how the Zalympix has progressed in Michigan and are looking forward to a 3rd year of sharing some of Michigan's best herb with Michigan's most serious smokers. Zalympix has featured some of the biggest names in cannabis worldwide so we are glad we can share this platform with great growers from Michigan," says Tyler Decoeur, Zalympix Organizer.

How to Participate

Don't miss out on this exclusive opportunity to be a judge in the Zalympix Michigan competition. Judge kits are limited and will be sold on a first-come, first-served basis, so be sure to visit one of the participating retailers on July 20th to secure your kit.

Propel Your Cannabis Career at the Hire N' Fire Job Fair in Pontiac

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On Monday, August 5th, the city of Pontiac, MI, will host the Hire N' Fire Job Fair and Networking Event, an exclusive opportunity tailored for those in the cannabis industry. This event, organized by Collaborative Business Solutions LLC, offers a full day of professional growth, from 11 a.m. to 8 p.m. EDT, at 7 North Saginaw Street, Pontiac, MI 48342.

The Hire N' Fire Job Fair and Networking Event aims to connect job seekers with leading cannabis companies, providing a unique platform for networking, on-site interviews, and professional development. Whether you're a seasoned expert or new to the cannabis field, this event offers a prime opportunity to advance your career.

Event Highlights:

  • Networking Opportunities: Engage with key players in the cannabis industry and expand your professional connections.
  • On-Site Interviews: Meet directly with hiring managers and industry leaders who are eager to find top talent.
  • Career Growth: Learn about the latest trends and opportunities in the rapidly evolving cannabis sector.

Attendees will have the chance to interact with professionals who can offer guidance and potentially open doors to new career paths. The event is not just a job fair but a comprehensive experience aimed at helping individuals find their niche in the thriving cannabis industry.

Make sure to mark your calendar for August 5th and prepare to ignite your future at the Hire N' Fire Job Fair and Networking Event. This is a pivotal chance to elevate your career within a fast-growing and dynamic industry. We look forward to seeing you there!

High Times Seeks Michigan Judges for Cannabis Cup 2024

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High Times is inviting Michiganders to become judges in this year's Cannabis Cup competition, giving residents the chance to determine which Michigan brands offer the best cannabis products. Participants can judge categories including flower, pre-rolled joints, concentrates, vaporizer pens, and cannabis-infused edibles.

Any adult can participate by purchasing a judging kit at local dispensaries this summer, which includes a backpack filled with cannabis products.

What's the deal?

The High Times Cannabis Cup, established in the late 1980s, is the premier competition for the best cannabis worldwide. First held in the U.S. in 2010, the contest has grown alongside the legalization of cannabis, evolving into state-specific competitions.

How does it work?

This summer, Michigan's top cannabis companies are entering a variety of products to be judged in categories like best edibles, best indica, sativa, and hybrid flower, best infused and non-infused pre-rolled joints, best solvent and solventless concentrates, and best distillate and non-distillate vaporizer pens and cartridges.

How do I participate?

Mark your calendars for August 9th, when judging kits become available at dispensaries across Michigan. These kits, essentially backpacks filled with cannabis products, allow participants to review about a dozen different items.

Thousands of kits will be available at participating Michigan dispensaries, with prices varying by category. Pre-rolled joints are typically the most affordable at around $100, while solventless concentrates can cost up to $300.

Although the official list of categories, prices, and participating dispensaries hasn't been released, House of Dank, the lead sponsor this year, will likely have kits available at all 11 of its Michigan locations.

What should I expect?

The Cannabis Cup is not just a contest but a celebration of cannabis culture. Each year, a diverse group of enthusiasts, growers, and industry professionals gathers to showcase and sample Michigan's finest cannabis, collectively determining which products excel in quality, flavor, and potency.

High Times will tally scores in October and announce the winners in November.

This year's competition focuses exclusively on recreational products, with no separate categories for medical marijuana.

Want to learn more?

Aspiring judges should follow High Times' social media pages for updates on how to obtain a judging kit. More information will be released in the coming weeks.

Soaring Eagle Arts, Beats and Eats Festival Returns with Cannabis Collaboration and Expanded Activities

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Organizers of the Soaring Eagle Arts, Beats and Eats festival in the Detroit area have announced key highlights for this year's four-day event over Labor Day weekend, including the return of the House of Dank cannabis sales and consumption area.

This year, the festival marks the beginning of a collaboration between House of Dank and Baker College, launching an educational certificate program aimed at preparing students for employment in the legal cannabis industry.

House of Dank and the Arts, Beats and Eats festival, held in Royal Oak, Oakland County, gained national attention last year for introducing cannabis sales and consumption at the event.

Mike DiLaura, Chief Corporate Operations Officer and General Counsel for House of Dank, emphasized the uniqueness of this initiative. "Nobody has done anything like this across the country," DiLaura stated. He noted that this year's secure cannabis area would also host some celebrities.

At a recent press conference in Royal Oak, DiLaura announced, "We will work with Baker College on their new cannabis programs. There are all sorts of jobs up and down this industry."

The cannabis industry, encompassing both recreational and medical sectors, is valued at several billion dollars.

Kelley Suggs, Public Relations Manager for Baker College, which has a campus on South Lafayette, revealed that the college will offer three certificate programs in cannabis retail, cultivation, and product development. "As the cannabis industry continues growing at an unprecedented rate, the demand for skilled professionals is higher than ever," Suggs said. She highlighted that the partnership with House of Dank aims to bridge the gap between education and employment.

Event producer Jon Witz underscored the significance of the city- and state-approved cannabis area, noting it was the first of its kind at such a large-scale event. "You could not smell the cannabis smoke," Witz explained. "People who wanted to enjoy the product could, and those who didn't, didn't know it was there." Witz praised House of Dank for bringing "one of the most creative activations" to the festival.

Witz also shared a personal testament to cannabis use, explaining that he opted for cannabis over prescription narcotic painkillers following a serious bicycling accident last year, which resulted in 10 broken ribs, a collapsed lung, and other injuries.

The festival will announce its headlining musical acts in late July, with Witz adding that the event will feature 150 local bands.

Last year, the festival attracted 345,000 attendees and raised over $386,000 for local charitable organizations. David Woodward, Chairman of the Oakland County Board of Commissioners and a Royal Oak resident, acknowledged the festival's positive impact. "The county has been a steadfast supporter of Arts, Beats and Eats," he said. "Arts, Beats and Eats has generated $7.3 million for community and charitable groups since it began."

While Witz did not reveal the headlining acts for this year's festival, he hinted cryptically during a TV interview that one of the headliners "resembles what I'm doing now," while looking into the camera.

Vlasic Classic Golf Mixer Heads to Michigan to Support Cannabis Reform

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The Vlasic Classic Charity Golf mixer recently celebrated its second annual event in Missouri, hosted by Vlasic Labs. This year's 18-hole tournament saw participation from 27 teams and over 100 attendees, including advocates and legislators from Missouri and beyond. The event, held at the Old Kinderhook Golf Club in the Lake of the Ozarks, successfully raised $43,000 for the Last Prisoner Project, a nonprofit dedicated to aiding individuals imprisoned for cannabis-related offenses. These funds will support legal efforts, reentry programs, and advocacy aimed at reintegrating these individuals into society.

Following the Missouri tournament's success, Vlasic Classic has announced its next event, which will take place at St. John's Resort in Michigan from August 16-18. "As Vlasic Labs prepares for the Michigan Vlasic Classic, the company is committed to continuing its tradition of philanthropy and community support," the company stated. The upcoming event aims to build on the momentum of the Missouri outing, further supporting the Last Prisoner Project and highlighting the shared values of the Vlasic family and their partners.

Vlasic Labs, known for its hemp-based wellness products including tinctures, topicals, and gummies, was co-founded in 2019 by Rick Vlasic and his son Willy. The brand continues the Vlasic family legacy of honest branding and community involvement. The family's history of philanthropy dates back to before World War II when Joseph Vlasic revolutionized milk delivery in the Midwest. His son Robert later established the iconic Vlasic Pickles brand and donated significant funds to institutions such as the Henry Ford Health System, the Michigan Humane Society, and the University of Michigan.

Rick Vlasic has expanded the family's innovative spirit into the cannabis wellness industry, driven by the same principles of quality, consistency, and value that made Vlasic Pickles a household name. The upcoming Michigan Vlasic Classic is anticipated to further these values, combining community engagement with philanthropic efforts.

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Elevated Exotics Marks Two-Year Anniversary with Expansion and Events

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Elevated Exotics, a cannabis dispensary in the Upper Peninsula, is celebrating its two-year anniversary this Saturday, along with plans for further expansion.

The dispensary, which opened its first store in Republic on June 23rd, 2021, is marking the occasion with a celebration. Owner Nilsson Davis explained the significance of this milestone and the reason for the event.

"Our business continues to grow," Davis stated. "We opened a location in Escanaba last April, and we have plans for new stores in Marquette and New Buffalo."

Davis highlighted the importance of the dispensary's mission, stating, "It kind of goes back to the patients and the medical side of things. We feel that retail is the best way to reach patients and those in need of the highest quality product. We saw a significant demand here in the U.P. for top-tier cannabis."

The anniversary celebration will take place at The Delft in Escanaba, and attendees must be 21 or older. An RSVP is required due to limited space at the venue.

"We have a mass occupancy limit, and spots are filling up quickly," Davis noted. Interested individuals can reserve their spot by following the provided link.

In addition to the anniversary event, Elevated Exotics has several other upcoming activities, including its 3rd annual Summer's End Smokeout music festival from August 8th through 11th. This year, the festival will feature cultivator contests for the first time.