Lume Cannabis Launches BUZZN, a New THC-Infused Seltzer in Michigan

Published 4 days ago Products & Reviews Ryan Spegal
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Lume Cannabis Company recently launched a new THC-infused seltzer called BUZZN, introducing another cannabis consumption option in Michigan. The beverage, which contains 7.5 milligrams of THC, offers a lighter alternative to alcoholic drinks and is aimed at consumers seeking a social beverage without the effects of alcohol.

Jeff Verlinden, the Director of Retail Operations at Lume, noted the growing popularity of cannabis beverages in Michigan, expressing enthusiasm for their new product line. "Cannabis beverages are gaining traction here, and we're excited to introduce our BUZZN brand to the market," he stated.

These beverages are seen as appealing alternatives for those who prefer not to consume alcohol during social gatherings. "There are people who may not be interested in alcoholic beverages but still want to participate in social settings where others might be drinking," Verlinden explained.

Before any cannabis-infused beverage hits the market, it undergoes a rigorous approval process. Claire Patterson, Scientific Section Manager at Michigan’s Cannabis Regulatory Agency, outlined the necessary steps for approval. "Companies must first submit a product plan. Following approval, they work with a chosen laboratory to conduct stability testing to determine shelf life and ensure safety," Patterson described.

Patterson also highlighted differences in how the body processes THC-infused beverages compared to edibles, suggesting they may be metabolized faster. She emphasized the importance of understanding product labeling and dosage. "It's crucial for consumers to start with a low dose and go slow, especially if they are new to cannabis beverages," she advised.

Both Verlinden and Patterson stress the importance of responsible consumption, urging consumers to know their limits and consume THC products safely.

517 Spartan OG #6: A Gem from Premier Cannabis Farms

Published 2 months ago Products & Reviews Gas & Middies
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Today, we dive into a review of Premier Cannabis Farms, a brand deeply rooted in the Lansing/East Lansing area, showcasing its dedication to local pride with the 517 Spartan OG #6 strain, a nod to Michigan State University.

Despite the scarcity of information online, Premier Cannabis Farms stands out for its commitment to Lansing, incorporating the area code 517 into each strain name. Their cultivation approach focuses on a small, exclusive genetic library, emphasizing small-batch production with meticulous hand watering and trimming practices. It's likely their operations are based around Lansing, given the local distribution of their products.

Quick Overview

  • Genetics: A blend of 517 Headband and Private Reserve OG
  • THC: 24.026%
  • CBD: 0.065%
  • Total Cannabinoids: 28.277%
  • Terpene Total: 2.907%

Review Highlights

  • Appearance: The 517 Spartan OG #6 boasts large, fluffy nugs that break down beautifully.
  • Aroma: A unique woodsy scent reminiscent of cologne.
  • Flavor: A rich blend of earthy tones with a gas-like essence and a sweet undertone.

Personal Impressions

This strain truly stands out, encapsulating all the desirable qualities of premium bud—packaged in glass jars, featuring large, squishy nugs with an aroma that translates perfectly into its unique taste. Despite being slightly aged, the quality remained exceptional, making it one of the top OG varieties experienced in Michigan.

Interestingly, this strain also represented Premier Cannabis Farms in the 2023 High Times Cannabis Cup, indicating its quality and the brand's ambition.

Final Thoughts

Premier Cannabis Farms' 517 Spartan OG #6 is undeniably Gas ⛽, a testament to their meticulous cultivation process and their potential to make waves beyond the Lansing area. This review, originally featured on Gas & Middies, barely scratches the surface of the strain's excellence. For cannabis enthusiasts, especially those in Michigan, it's a brand worth watching, and I eagerly anticipate their future offerings.

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Crafting Change One Sip at a Time: Sweet Justice's Socially Conscious THC Drinks

Published 3 months ago Products & Reviews Ryan Spegal
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In Michigan, a new line of cannabis-infused social beverages by Sweet Justice is making waves for their unique approach to flavor and community impact. These lightly carbonated drinks are specifically designed to minimize the cannabis taste and aroma, offering a more enjoyable sipping experience. The range includes five distinct flavors: cola, cherry cola, ginger ale, elderberry, and fruit punch, each containing a THC content varying from 1 to 10mg per can.

What sets Sweet Justice apart is not just their product, but their commitment to social responsibility. A significant portion of the revenue from each sale is contributed to the Great Lakes Expungement Network. This alliance comprises local organizations, professionals, businesses, and criminal defense attorneys, all united in their mission to assist Michigan residents with criminal records. They provide essential support for fee-free expungements, helping individuals to remove certain offenses from their records, thereby offering them a chance for a fresh start.

These beverages are particularly marketed towards consumers who are socially conscious and are seeking a flavorful, non-alcoholic alternative. Sweet Justice’s combination of taste, social impact, and the growing interest in THC-infused drinks positions them uniquely in the Michigan market.

710 Labs Cherry Zest #4 Review: Hype or High Quality?

Published 3 months ago Products & Reviews Gas & Middies
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710 Labs, a revered brand known for their concentrates, launched earlier this year in Michigan with a selection of hash, flower, and pods. Their commitment to quality and organic cultivation is a cornerstone of their reputation.

Product Overview:

  • Strain: Cherry Zest #4 (Zkittlez x Animal West)
  • THC: 16.70%
  • CBD: 0.02%
  • Harvest Date: 03/08/2023
  • Tested by: Cambium Analytica on 03/30/2023

Review Highlights:

  • Appearance: The product features large, seemingly hand-trimmed nugs with impressive bag appeal.
  • Aroma: A sweet, funky citrus scent.
  • Taste: A light citrus flavor, but with an unusual aftertaste.

The Verdict:

While 710 Labs is renowned for their high-quality concentrates, this particular flower strain didn't quite live up to the hype. The aesthetics of the buds were on point, and the packaging was attractive, but the flavor profile and the peculiar aftertaste were disappointing. It lacked the robust flavors expected from a top-tier product, leading to it described as "all sizzle, no steak."

Price Point:

The retail price of $60 for an eighth was deemed steep, even with a 20% discount bringing it down to $48. Based on this experience, they question the value for money but remain open to trying other strains from 710 Labs in the future.

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Snoop Dogg Unveils 'Do It Fluid': A New Line of Cannabis-Infused Beverages

Published 3 months ago Products & Reviews Ryan Spegal
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Snoop Dogg, the renowned rapper and entrepreneur, has recently ventured into the burgeoning cannabis beverage market with the launch of his new line of THC and CBD-infused drinks. The collection, named 'Do It Fluid', offers a variety of flavors including Blood Orange, Blue Razz, Cherry Limeade, and Peaches N' Honies. These beverages come in two types: one solely containing CBD, priced at $4.99 per can, and another combining CBD with hemp-derived Delta-9 THC, available at $5.99 per can. Consumers can purchase these drinks online through the Death Row Cannabis and Hill Beverage websites.

The inception of Hill Beverage Co. marks a significant collaboration between Snoop Dogg and CEO Jake Hill, a prominent figure in the cannabis industry known for founding Grow Automations, a company enhancing the efficiency of cannabis cultivation. This partnership led to the development of these innovative drinks, utilizing Grow Automations' technology. Snoop Dogg, in a statement, emphasized the natural and high-quality attributes of these beverages, presenting them as an ideal choice for consumers at any time of the day.

Despite his long-standing association with traditional cannabis consumption, Snoop Dogg continues to innovate within the industry. He initially launched his marijuana brand, Leafs By Snoop, in 2015. However, following his acquisition of Death Row Records in 2022, he transitioned to the new Death Row Cannabis brand, which has been gaining traction in California and Michigan, with further expansion plans in the pipeline. Additionally, Snoop Dogg's D*gg lbs cannabis products have made their way into markets in Ontario, Canada, and Israel.

The Do It Fluid line includes the Dogg Lbs. label for Cherry Limeade and Peaches N' Honies, while Tha Shiznit Blue Razz and G'Dup Blood Orange flavors are branded under Death Row Records. Tiffany Chin, CEO of Death Row Records Cannabis, highlighted Snoop Dogg's ambition to pioneer functional cannabis and hemp beverages, acknowledging the growing consumer preference for alternative modes of cannabis consumption beyond smoking or vaping.

The CBD-only version of these beverages is presented in 12-ounce cans containing 25 milligrams of CBD. The combined THC and CBD drinks are available in 8-ounce cans, featuring 5 milligrams of CBD and 3mg of Delta-9 THC. Notably, the THC used in these drinks is derived from hemp, offering a psychoactive experience while maintaining legal compliance. The Peaches N' Honies flavor stands out as the lowest-calorie option, with the Blood Orange flavor having the highest calorie count.

These drinks are crafted with carbonated water, cane sugar, fruit juice concentrate, monk fruit, natural flavor, and other ingredients, including terpenes – the compounds responsible for the aroma and flavor in cannabis and hemp. A unique aspect of the Do It Fluid line is its proprietary terpene cannabinoid blend, designed to deliver the effects of THC and CBD within minutes, significantly faster than the typical onset time of competing products.

Jake Hill assures that the Do It Fluid line offers a refreshing and enjoyable taste, ideal for various social and relaxation settings. The Dogg Lbs. drinks are praised for their refreshing taste, suitable for leisure activities, while the Death Row Records beverages are described as full-bodied with a sweet, refreshing kick. As for the effects, Hill notes that the drinks can enhance sociability, reduce anxiety, promote relaxation, and aid in restful sleep, depending on the consumer's setting and mood.

Nostalgic Vibes and Indica Highs in Sheefy McFly's CRUD

Published 4 months ago Products & Reviews Gas & Middies
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Gas & Middies recently reviewed the unique cannabis strain "CRUD," created in collaboration between Detroit visual artist and musician Sheefy McFly and Doghouse.

Release and Availability

Launched on Detroit Day (3/13), CRUD became available at Quality Roots, Cloud Cannabis, LIV Cannabis, and other Michigan dispensaries.


Sheefy McFly, renowned for his visual art displayed at places like the Monroe Street Midway, is venturing into the cannabis industry. His strain, CRUD, is part of a broader lifestyle brand developed with Doghouse, reflecting his Eastside Detroit roots and creative flair.

Design and Concept

Emphasizing '90s nostalgia, McFly designed CRUD's packaging to resemble a cereal box, complete with collectible stickers and interactive elements like mazes or connect-the-dots games.

Strain Characteristics

  • Type: Indica-dominant hybrid
  • Taste: Distinct, not overly earthy, reminiscent of Runts but heavier
  • Effects: Balanced high, functional
  • THC: 26.96%
  • THCA: 30.14%
  • CBD: 0.07%

Appearance, Smell, and Taste

CRUD features decent-sized nugs with an OG, spicy gassy smell. The taste mirrors the smell but is more muted.

Overall Impressions

The strain, while better than its name suggests, offers a classic earthy smell and taste without a significant wow factor in terms of terpenes. It's a solid choice for those seeking a balanced experience but may not stand out for enthusiasts seeking extraordinary flavor profiles.

Final Thoughts

CRUD, priced as a premium hype brand, delivers a satisfactory experience, though it may not fully justify its premium over standard offerings. While the strain itself didn't hugely impress, it certainly highlighted Sheefy McFly's diverse artistic talent.

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