Jeeter and Marley Family Launch Limited Edition "One Love" Unity Joint

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Jeeter has partnered with the Bob Marley family company to pay tribute to Marley's musical legacy and his passion for cannabis. On May 23rd, cannabis consumers in Arizona, California, and Michigan will have the chance to purchase the limited edition Jeeter x Bob Marley "One Love" Unity Joint.

Jeeter collaborated closely with the Marley family, immersing themselves in Jamaican culture and supporting a music festival at Bob Marley's birthplace, Nine Mile. This deep engagement ensured that every element of the product, from the strain to the packaging, authentically reflects Bob Marley's legacy. The packaging honors his musical contributions, while the strain is inspired by Marley's affectionate term for cannabis, "herb." A ceramic tip, reminiscent of the joints Marley preferred, adds an extra layer of authenticity.

"Jeeter's work in the cannabis space has been outstanding. Cannabis culture and the Marley movement are deeply intertwined. Jeeter's dedication to understanding and embracing Jamaican culture has been wonderful to see, and the results are truly impressive," said Cedella Marley, CEO of the Bob Marley Group of Companies, Grammy-winning singer, author, and Marley's daughter.

The unique joint is housed in a signature guitar case, reimagined through Jeeter's artistic branding. The leather case features a gold embossing of Marley's image and opens to reveal a classic double-twisted hand-rolled joint, akin to those Marley was known for. The "One Love" joint contains 4.2 grams of premium cannabis flower, rolled into a ceramic tip.

"We're thrilled to collaborate with the iconic music legend Bob Marley. To ensure the collaboration was genuine, we traveled to Jamaica to connect with the culture he loved. This project is all about celebrating Marley's legacy in an authentic and respectful way," stated Jeeter Co-Founders Lukasz Tracz and Sebastian Solano.

On April 20th, Jeeter hosted its second annual High Dining event in Los Angeles with long-time partner Dwyane Wade. The event, celebrating cannabis enthusiasts and friends, showcased Jeeter's commitment to creating live experiences that blend culture, creativity, and music. Guests enjoyed a special performance by Marley's grandson, Skip Marley, who covered classics like "Buffalo Soldier" and concluded with "One Love." Attendees were gifted the unique Jeeter x Marley "One Love" collector's edition.

Microdosing Made Easy with Michigan's Own POTartz

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Microdosing with cannabis is gaining traction among users who seek to enjoy the benefits of THC (tetrahydrocannabinol) without experiencing overwhelming psychoactive effects. Microdoses, typically ranging from half a milligram to five milligrams per dose, are designed to be subtle enough to provide a mild, manageable high, which can potentially enhance mood and improve sleep.

In Michigan, one product stands out for those interested in microdosing: POTartz, created by Jackson-based CLDD, LLC. This product is tailored for those who appreciate the convenience and controlled dosage of THC in their edibles.

Product Overview

POTartz are crafted to cater to the microdosing community, featuring a precise 1-milligram THC content per piece. These edibles are available in two package sizes: a 200-piece bag priced around $20 and a smaller 25-piece pack for approximately $4. The candies mimic the flavor and texture of popular fruity candies, making them an appealing choice for both seasoned and novice cannabis users.

The packaging of POTartz is both eye-catching and informative, displaying key information such as the number of pieces, milligrams per piece, and the expected activation time, typically around 30 minutes. The child-resistant design and resealable zipper are thoughtful additions, enhancing safety and maintaining product freshness.

Taste and Texture

POTartz are inspired by the classic SweeTARTS candy, but are sugar-free, sweetened with sorbitol instead. Their robustness makes them an ideal choice for users who prefer to carry their edibles during outdoor activities without worrying about them breaking apart. However, their hardness might pose a challenge for those who prefer dosing in smaller increments, such as half-milligram doses.

In terms of flavor, POTartz offer a sweet and slightly sour taste that dissolves quickly, leaving a pleasant fruity aftertaste that many find enjoyable.

Microdosing with POTartz

POTartz allows users to experiment with different dosages, starting from one milligram upwards, making it easier to identify an individual's comfort level. This flexibility in dosing ensures that users can gradually find the right amount that provides the desired effect, whether it's a slight uplift in mood or a better night's sleep.


For individuals curious about microdosing THC or those seeking a controlled introduction to cannabis edibles, POTartz presents a viable option. Its precise dosing, enjoyable flavor, and user-friendly packaging make it a recommended choice for those exploring the benefits of cannabis in small, manageable amounts.

Hunna's Revolutionary Paperless Hash Wraps Hit Michigan

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In a groundbreaking development for Michigan's cannabis market, Hunna introduces its unique paperless pre-rolls, setting a potential trend for future product offerings in the industry. This new concept in cannabis consumption, dubbed "Hunna Hash Wrap," does away with traditional rolling papers and tobacco, opting instead for a fully THC-enriched experience wrapped in pure hash.

What Sets Hunna Hash Wraps Apart?

The Hunna Hash Wrap is crafted entirely from hash, either full melt or ice water hash, which serves as the wrap itself, eliminating the need for any paper. This innovative approach not only enhances the purity and potency of the THC experience but also intensifies the flavor, with terpenes flooding the senses. The initial flavors to be released are "deep fried ice cream" and "superboof," both of which promise a unique taste profile.

The Design and Consumption of Hunna Hash Wraps

Each pre-roll is equipped with a glass filter / tip, adding a level of sophistication and ease, as there is no preparation needed. Consumers are advised to handle the pre-roll carefully — it should be kept vertical at all times to avoid damage and ensure optimal burning. Lighting the hash wrap requires patience and a steady hand, with a recommendation to spin the joint slowly to achieve an even burn. The delicate nature of the hash wrap also means that it should not be ashed traditionally, as it is self-ashing when ready.

Purchasing and Enjoying the Product

Hunna's paperless pre-rolls are a limited edition in Michigan, with only 90 units available initially. Interested buyers need to secure a pre-order ticket at dispensaries that carry them and redeem it a week later to receive their pre-roll. The potency and delivery method make the Hunna Hash Wrap comparable to experiencing very strong dabs, making it advisable to enjoy the product slowly and possibly with friends, due to its intense effects.

Environmental and User Considerations

By removing paper from the equation, Hunna is also tapping into a more environmentally conscious consumption method. Additionally, the end of the smoking experience leaves consumers with a reusable glass tip and a small amount of residual hash, which can be enjoyed as a final treat later on.

Implications for the Industry

Hunna's introduction of the paperless pre-roll may influence other companies to explore similar innovations, potentially leading to a shift in how cannabis is consumed commercially. The uniqueness and limited availability of the Hunna Hash Wrap could create a buzz that sets new standards in the cannabis product market, emphasizing purity, potency, and environmental considerations.


The Hunna Hash Wrap represents a significant innovation in the Michigan cannabis market, offering consumers a new way to experience THC through a unique, paperless format. This product not only challenges traditional consumption methods but also sets a precedent for future products in the industry.

For those interested in seeing the Hunna Hash Wrap in action, The Gas Station's video review provides an invaluable resource. In the review, viewers can get a close look at the unique features of the product, detailed instructions on how to properly light and smoke it, and firsthand commentary on the effects. This visual guide not only demystifies the experience but also showcases the intensity and quality of the high that comes with this innovative cannabis format.


Primitiv and Stevie Van Zandt Collaborate to Introduce Silvio's Stash in Michigan

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Stevie Van Zandt, famed for his role in "The Sopranos" and as a founding member of Bruce Springsteen's E Street Band, is launching his cannabis brand, Silvio's Stash, in the Michigan market. This venture is in partnership with Calvin Johnson Jr. and Rob Sims' cannabis company, Primitiv, which focuses on promoting wellness through cannabis. Van Zandt, who portrayed Silvio Dante, Tony Soprano's trusted advisor throughout the series, emphasized the benefits of cannabis in addressing pain, stress, and sleep issues, and advocated for the spread of cannabis education and the end of its criminalization.

Silvio's Stash will introduce to the Michigan market a product line that includes five .5 gram pre-rolled joints, presented in a collectible tin, with an initial offering limited to 5,000 units. These products will be available at Primitiv Niles and various other dispensaries across Michigan, such as Puff, Quest, House of Dank, Greenhouse, Pure Options, and others.

Celebrating this collaboration, Van Zandt shared his excitement on Instagram, highlighting the limited edition nature of this first batch. The partnership with Primitiv aims to leverage the shared values of quality and innovation in the cannabis industry, marking Silvio's Stash's entrance into the vibrant Michigan cannabis market.

Calvin Johnson, a 2021 Pro Football Hall of Fame inductee, remarked on the alignment between Primitiv's commitment to premium products and the mission of Silvio's Stash to provide exceptional cannabis experiences. Rob Sims shared the sentiment, noting that their NFL careers provided them a platform to advocate for destigmatizing cannabis and that partnering with Van Zandt amplifies their ability to educate the public on the benefits of cannabis.

Additionally, Primitiv is set to introduce its sibling brand, TURF, featuring a variety of premium, indoor-cultivated cannabis products. These products, including pre-packed 1/8ths and prerolls, will sport new packaging inspired by the classic Nintendo game, Tecmo Bowl, in celebration of its 35th anniversary. This innovative packaging aims to blend cannabis culture with nostalgia for gaming, appealing to both cannabis enthusiasts and gamers. The TURF products, cultivated at Primitiv's Webberville facility, will include popular strains such as Key Lime Thai, Blueberry Muffin, and others.

Exploring the Chill Vibes of Ice Pack - Purple Runtz with Icewear Vezzo

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In a unique collaboration that merges music and marijuana, Detroit rapper Icewear Vezzo partnered with Pressure Pack to release the Ice Pack - Purple Runtz strain, coinciding with the launch of his mixtape Rich Off Pints 3. Known for his powerful street raps, Vezzo emphasizes the thoughtful and patient development process behind this collaboration, highlighting its careful crafting much like his music.

Pressure Pack, a well-regarded Michigan cultivator, is celebrated for its expansive strain selection and commitment to premium quality. Purple Runtz is one of their standout offerings alongside another collaboration with Vezzo, Gelato 41. With a promise of delivering Michigan's finest, the strain boasts impressive stats with a THC content of 29.78%, and is revered for its euphoric and uplifting effects.

The Purple Runtz strain offers a long-lasting, smooth smoke with a fruity flavor profile reminiscent of sweet candy, making it an excellent choice for those looking to alleviate stress and anxiety. Despite the strain's visually unexpected lack of purple, it makes up for it with its potent Runtz terpenes and a delightful twist of 'purp' in taste, though not explosively flavorful.

While many rapper-endorsed cannabis products simply ride the fame of their namesakes, this collaboration stands out by delivering a truly unique experience, reflected in its intricate terpene profile and quality. This strain definitely brings something new to the table and is worth a try for those exploring the nuances of cannabis strains inspired by artists.

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Michigan Apple Growers Introduce New Cannabis-Infused Honeycrisp Seltzer

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In an innovative move, Michigan apple growers are venturing into the burgeoning cannabis industry with the launch of a new THC-infused beverage, Honeycrisp Apple Seltzer, utilizing the state's renowned Honeycrisp apples. The product is a result of a collaboration between the growers and Highly Casual, a cannabis company, reflecting a growing trend of integrating traditional agriculture with cannabis cultivation.

The apples for the seltzer are sourced from Emerald Canning Partners in Mt. Clemens, Michigan. The company employs nano-emulsification technology to blend cannabis oil into the apple-based seltzer effectively, ensuring a homogeneous and stable mixture. Each can of Honeycrisp Apple Seltzer contains 10 mg of THC, targeting a consumer market that appreciates both the refreshing taste of locally grown apples and the relaxing effects of cannabis.

This new product is available at various dispensaries across Michigan, complying with the state's stringent cannabis regulations. In March 2022, Michigan, in collaboration with the Cannabis Regulatory Agency, instituted new rules for marijuana-infused beverages. These regulations mandate that such beverages must be shelf-stable and are only to be sold in licensed dispensaries, ensuring safety and quality control.

Highly Casual is not new to the fruit-infused cannabis market, offering other flavors such as lemon-lime, blueberry-pineapple, and strawberry-watermelon, demonstrating their expertise in creating appealing and diverse flavor profiles in their products.

Michigan's stature as the second largest apple producer in the United States underscores the significance of this new venture. With an annual harvest typically around 24 million bushels and reaching a record 32.38 million bushels in 2022, according to the USDA, Michigan's apple industry is well-positioned to support and benefit from innovative products like cannabis-infused beverages.