House of Dank Brings Grammy Winner Future's EVOL Cannabis to Michigan Market

Published 3 months ago Products & Reviews Ryan Spegal
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Michigan's cannabis market is witnessing an exciting new chapter as EVOL by Future, the cannabis brand developed by two-time GRAMMY winner Future, makes its debut in the state. This launch, in collaboration with Michigan's renowned cannabis company House of Dank, marks a significant step in expanding the cannabis product range available to consumers in the region.

EVOL by Future, established earlier this year under Carma HoldCo, a branding and licensing firm known for its work with top celebrity and cannabis brands, is set to offer Michigan cannabis enthusiasts a range of high-quality products. These products include elite flower offerings, live rosin vapes, and strain-specific infused pre-rolls, all of which will be available at any House of Dank location starting on November 22nd.

Adam Wilks, Co-founder and CEO of Carma HoldCo, expressed enthusiasm about the partnership, noting that the combination of House of Dank's expertise and Future's global appeal is expected to significantly enhance the cannabis experience in Michigan. Prince Yousif, the owner of House of Dank, also shared his excitement, highlighting Future's substantial impact on modern music and culture. He anticipates that EVOL by Future will resonate with cannabis users in Michigan, much like Future's music has.

With this strategic collaboration, both Carma HoldCo and House of Dank aim to enrich the cannabis culture in Michigan, introducing a line of products that embody quality and innovation, in line with Future's influential brand.

Review of "Permanent Marker" Live Rosin by MattyBStackers x Eastside Alchemy

Published 3 months ago Products & Reviews Gas & Middies
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MattyBStackers, known for his High Times Cannabis Cup accolades, teamed up with Eastside Alchemy for their second limited edition release, featuring the notable "Permanent Marker" live rosin. This product, available for $45 at Quality Roots, is part of a lineup that includes other flavors like GuavaGelly and Peanut Butter Breath.

Background on Permanent Marker

This strain is a complex cross of Biscotti x Jealousy x Sherb Bx, initially released by Doja Exclusive and cultivated by Seed Junky Genetics. Its distinct blend offers a sensory experience of floral, soapy, candy, and gassy aromas, translating seamlessly into its taste. It's known for sparking creativity and relaxation, followed by an appetite surge.

Product Details

  • THC: 74.332%
    • Total Cannabinoids: 88.437%
  • Terpenes: 8.0912%
  • Producer: The Plant Factory
  • Tested by ACT Labs on 9/25/23

Review Highlights

The "Permanent Marker" impresses with its perfect consistency and a unique taste profile that combines sweet, chemical, and spicy notes. Its aroma and flavor are described as intense and persistent, delivering a true-to-name experience.

Overall Impression

This collaboration between MattyBStackers and Eastside Alchemy has made a significant impact, particularly with the "Permanent Marker" strain. Their dedication to quality and fidelity to the strain's characteristics makes this a must-try for enthusiasts. The product stands out for its robust terpene profile and consistent quality, earning it the 'Gas ⛽' certification.

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Private Reserve OG from Premier Cannabis Farms - A Review and Insightful Interview

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Our friend, Gas & Middies, recently explored Premier Cannabis Farms' Private Reserve OG, a notable parent strain of their Spartan OG. This product, purchased at House of Dank for $30, stems from a craft grow operation near Lansing/East Lansing, Michigan.

About Premier Cannabis Farms

  • Location: Potterville, MI, near Lansing.
  • Approach: Artisanal, with a focus on hands-on processes including hand-watering, trimming, and packing.
  • Size: Small-scale, with 65 flower lights and six full-time employees.
  • Products: Known for strains like 517HEADBAND, TRIKS, and Rainbow Runtz.
  • Special Features: Utilizes double-ended lights, organic nutrients, and a peat-based soilless medium.

Insights from the Interview

  • Premier Cannabis Farms emphasizes traditional growing methods without compromising quality for profit.
  • They engage in in-house pheno searching for unique strains, avoiding reliance on investors or celebrity endorsements.
  • The team has a strong connection to East Lansing and Michigan State University.
  • Packaging choice: Glass jars over Mylar to reduce plastic usage and preserve quality.
  • Future plans include collaborations for concentrates and new strain releases.

Private Reserve OG Review

  • THC: 24.57%, CBD: 0.058%
    • Total Cannabinoids: 29.511%.
  • Terpene Profile: High in D-Limonene, Linalool, and B-Myrcene.
  • Appearance: Large, fluffy nugs that break down smoothly.
  • Aroma & Flavor: A unique blend reminiscent of cream soda with a hint of lemon, offering a creamy, sweet, and earthy experience.
  • Overall Impression: Premier Cannabis Farms excels in producing OG strains, with Private Reserve OG being a standout for its unique taste profile and quality cultivation.


Premier Cannabis Farms represents what many seek in a cannabis grower: a small, artisanal operation that balances traditional and innovative strains, presented in eco-friendly packaging. For OG lovers, Private Reserve OG and Spartan OG are highly recommended. Premier Cannabis Farms is a testament to the impact of smaller, quality-focused growers in the cannabis industry.

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Willie Nelson's Cannabis Line Strikes a High Note in Michigan Market

Published 3 months ago Products & Reviews Ryan Spegal
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Michigan's cannabis landscape has witnessed a remarkable surge with the entry of country music icon Willie Nelson's brand, Willie’s Reserve. Since its introduction to the market on October 25th, the demand for Willie's strains has been soaring, with stocks nearly depleted in all 15 dispensaries across the state. Renowned for its robust potency, with THC levels ranging from 24 to 30 percent, Willie's Reserve is edging above the potency benchmark of average cannabis offerings, resonating with enthusiasts seeking a higher-grade experience.

The journey of Willie’s Reserve to Michigan's burgeoning market is a tale of persistence and passion, spearheaded by Lansing-based Aardvark Industrees. The company's Chief Marketing Officer, Hilary Dulany, reminisces about the origins of this collaboration which began eight years back. The initial rendezvous with the Willie’s Reserve team in 2015 laid the groundwork for what would become a fruitful alliance. However, it wasn't until Aardvark Industrees embarked on a venture with actor and cannabis icon Cheech Marin in 2022 that the opportunity to partner with Willie Nelson's brand re-emerged.

Dulany, a seasoned player in the cannabis industry with 15 years of experience, considers the project with Willie Nelson a personal milestone. "It’s an amazing thing to be able to see your dream come to fruition,” she shared. With a rich history in the sector, including founding her vaporizer brand, AccuVape, Dulany co-founded Aardvark Industrees. Initially set up in Bend, Oregon, the business relocated to Lansing following Michigan's green light for recreational marijuana in 2018, a move that capitalized on the state's already flourishing cannabis culture.

Lansing, Michigan, currently acclaimed as the second-largest cannabis market in the United States, is more than just a market hotspot; it is the fulcrum of legislative decisions impacting the industry. “Lansing is the hub where everything gets decided. All the governing takes place here, and that plays into our industry,” Dulany explained.

Aardvark Industrees has cultivated partnerships with small growers throughout Michigan, aiming to bolster Lansing's cannabis farming industry to keep pace with the soaring demand. Roberta King, Aardvark's communications specialist, underscores the company's commitment to expanding local cannabis agriculture. This approach not only ensures a steady supply of Willie’s specific strains but also supports the local economy and farming communities.

The debut of Willie’s Reserve was a commercial hit, with one retailer reporting a sell-out within the first 24 hours of the launch. The reception underscores a well-established appetite for high-quality, celebrity-endorsed cannabis products within the Michigan market. In anticipation of continued demand, Aardvark Industrees has announced the next batch of Willie’s products to coincide with November 22nd, aptly known as Green Wednesday, which is expected to attract significant consumer attention.

The success of Willie’s Reserve in Michigan reflects a growing trend where celebrity-backed cannabis lines are not merely resting on star power but are delivering quality products that meet and exceed consumer expectations. As the Michigan market evolves, collaborations such as the one between Aardvark Industrees and Willie’s Reserve are setting a precedent for future enterprises, blending celebrity influence with industry expertise to catalyze market expansion and consumer engagement in the world of cannabis.

Willie's Reserve Marks Its Presence in Michigan Dispensaries

Published 4 months ago Products & Reviews Ryan Spegal
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Legendary musician and well-known cannabis enthusiast, Willie Nelson, is set to introduce his renowned cannabis brand to Michigan this Wednesday, marking a significant expansion of Willie’s Reserve.

Michigan is proudly stepping up as the eighth state in the nation to feature flower products from Willie’s Reserve, an esteemed cannabis brand initiated by Nelson back in 2015. The strains available from this brand, touted as "Willie-Worthy", are notably potent, with THC content ranging from a formidable 24% to an impressive 30%.

In a move that remains consistent with his long-standing values, Nelson has opted to collaborate with small-scale growers within Michigan to nurture the flower. As the co-founder of Farm Aid, a commendable non-profit initiative that has raised millions to bolster family farms, Nelson’s dedication to supporting the farming community and its agricultural endeavors is nothing short of legendary.

In the endeavor to supply dispensaries with this sought-after flower, Willie’s Reserve is partnering with Aardvark Industrees, a reputable name based in Lansing. Hilary Dulany, a partner at Aardvark Industrees, shared insights on their collaboration model, stating, "This approach serves a dual purpose. On one hand, it addresses the anticipated high demand for the product, and on the other, it emphasizes our commitment to championing small independent growers in Michigan. Collaborating with these growers not only guarantees a product that lives up to the ‘Willie-worthy’ standard but also ensures we remain agile in responding to market demands."

Interestingly, Aardvark Industrees has also associated itself with Cheech’s Stash, another cannabis brand, conceived by famed comedian and actor, Cheech Marin.

Starting this Wednesday, consumers can look forward to finding Willie’s Reserve in over 15 dispensaries scattered across the state. Among these are notable names such as Stone Depot (Jackson), Green Stem (Niles), Verts Neighborhood Dispensary (Traverse City), Mood Center Line (Center Line), Planet 420 (Flint), Endo (Adrian), and all Puff locations spanning cities like Bay City, Traverse City, Hamtramck, and more.

Highlighting the ethos of their collaborations, Dulany added, "We are naturally inclined towards brands that echo pioneering spirits and are willing to venture into the uncharted territories of cannabis. It's paramount for us that the brands we nurture and partner with resonate with our personal and professional principles."

It's worth noting that Willie Nelson joins a steadily growing roster of celebrities who have ventured into the cannabis industry. This includes personalities like Tommy Chong, Jim Belushi, Seth Rogan, Martha Stewart, Whoopi Goldberg, Mike Tyson, and musicians such as Carlos Santana, Melissa Etheridge, and Lil Wayne, to name a few.

Michigan Eagerly Anticipates the Arrival of Mary Jones, a Cannabis-Infused Soda

Published 4 months ago Products & Reviews Ryan Spegal
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In an exciting development for Michigan's flourishing marijuana market, Mary Jones, a cannabis-infused soda brand developed by Jones Soda Co., is laying the groundwork for its introduction in the state, reflecting the brand's continued expansion into the thriving U.S. cannabis industry.

Jones Soda Co., celebrated for being “the original craft soda” and acclaimed for its untraditional flavors and consumer-submitted photo labels, has witnessed a triumphant journey with its cannabis brand, Mary Jones, in various U.S. states. The brand, which first made waves in California in 2022, swiftly garnered admiration among cannabis consumers, offering them a unique blend of beloved Jones soda flavors infused with THC, and subsequently initiating plans for expansion into further states, including Michigan.

The distinctive THC-infused craft sodas not only boast the signature pure cane sugar recipes of Jones Soda but also feature a blend aptly suited to the cannabis market. With delectable flavors like Root Beer, Berry Lemonade, Green Apple, and Orange & Cream offered in 12 and 16-ounce cans, and infused with 10mg or 100mg of THC respectively, Mary Jones has successfully catered to an eager consumer base, with additional flavors anticipated to be introduced in the future.

Reflecting on the brand's success, the CEO of Jones Soda, David Knight, remarked, “We have a deep connection to the community and market.” The brand's swift and strategic expansion was significantly supported through collaborations with industry giants like CompCanna and Dogtown Pioneers, ensuring its robust presence in the cannabis sector.

As Michigan marijuana enthusiasts and industry stakeholders await with bated breath, the arrival of Mary Jones signifies not only an expansion of product availability but also a testament to the dynamic and ever-expanding nature of the cannabis market in the state. As one of the states where marijuana is legalized for recreational use, Michigan presents a prosperous market, embodying both the present success and future potential of cannabis-oriented products.

Mary Jones, in keeping with its user-friendly approach, allows interested consumers and retailers to locate dispensaries carrying their products through a store finder page on their website -

While Jones Soda Co. has expressed interest in bringing its cannabis-infused soda brand, Mary Jones, to Michigan, no specific release dates or timelines have been shared thus far. The potential future expansion into Michigan's vibrant cannabis market is anticipated to offer consumers a unique and refreshing product option, contributing to the continued growth and diversification of the industry in the state, and enhancing the variety of quality, innovative offerings available to consumers.