Michigan Apple Growers Introduce New Cannabis-Infused Honeycrisp Seltzer

April 26th, 2024 Products & Reviews
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In an innovative move, Michigan apple growers are venturing into the burgeoning cannabis industry with the launch of a new THC-infused beverage, Honeycrisp Apple Seltzer, utilizing the state's renowned Honeycrisp apples. The product is a result of a collaboration between the growers and Highly Casual, a cannabis company, reflecting a growing trend of integrating traditional agriculture with cannabis cultivation.

The apples for the seltzer are sourced from Emerald Canning Partners in Mt. Clemens, Michigan. The company employs nano-emulsification technology to blend cannabis oil into the apple-based seltzer effectively, ensuring a homogeneous and stable mixture. Each can of Honeycrisp Apple Seltzer contains 10 mg of THC, targeting a consumer market that appreciates both the refreshing taste of locally grown apples and the relaxing effects of cannabis.

This new product is available at various dispensaries across Michigan, complying with the state's stringent cannabis regulations. In March 2022, Michigan, in collaboration with the Cannabis Regulatory Agency, instituted new rules for marijuana-infused beverages. These regulations mandate that such beverages must be shelf-stable and are only to be sold in licensed dispensaries, ensuring safety and quality control.

Highly Casual is not new to the fruit-infused cannabis market, offering other flavors such as lemon-lime, blueberry-pineapple, and strawberry-watermelon, demonstrating their expertise in creating appealing and diverse flavor profiles in their products.

Michigan's stature as the second largest apple producer in the United States underscores the significance of this new venture. With an annual harvest typically around 24 million bushels and reaching a record 32.38 million bushels in 2022, according to the USDA, Michigan's apple industry is well-positioned to support and benefit from innovative products like cannabis-infused beverages.

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