Hunna's Revolutionary Paperless Hash Wraps Hit Michigan

May 14th, 2024 Products & Reviews
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In a groundbreaking development for Michigan's cannabis market, Hunna introduces its unique paperless pre-rolls, setting a potential trend for future product offerings in the industry. This new concept in cannabis consumption, dubbed "Hunna Hash Wrap," does away with traditional rolling papers and tobacco, opting instead for a fully THC-enriched experience wrapped in pure hash.

What Sets Hunna Hash Wraps Apart?

The Hunna Hash Wrap is crafted entirely from hash, either full melt or ice water hash, which serves as the wrap itself, eliminating the need for any paper. This innovative approach not only enhances the purity and potency of the THC experience but also intensifies the flavor, with terpenes flooding the senses. The initial flavors to be released are "deep fried ice cream" and "superboof," both of which promise a unique taste profile.

The Design and Consumption of Hunna Hash Wraps

Each pre-roll is equipped with a glass filter / tip, adding a level of sophistication and ease, as there is no preparation needed. Consumers are advised to handle the pre-roll carefully — it should be kept vertical at all times to avoid damage and ensure optimal burning. Lighting the hash wrap requires patience and a steady hand, with a recommendation to spin the joint slowly to achieve an even burn. The delicate nature of the hash wrap also means that it should not be ashed traditionally, as it is self-ashing when ready.

Purchasing and Enjoying the Product

Hunna's paperless pre-rolls are a limited edition in Michigan, with only 90 units available initially. Interested buyers need to secure a pre-order ticket at dispensaries that carry them and redeem it a week later to receive their pre-roll. The potency and delivery method make the Hunna Hash Wrap comparable to experiencing very strong dabs, making it advisable to enjoy the product slowly and possibly with friends, due to its intense effects.

Environmental and User Considerations

By removing paper from the equation, Hunna is also tapping into a more environmentally conscious consumption method. Additionally, the end of the smoking experience leaves consumers with a reusable glass tip and a small amount of residual hash, which can be enjoyed as a final treat later on.

Implications for the Industry

Hunna's introduction of the paperless pre-roll may influence other companies to explore similar innovations, potentially leading to a shift in how cannabis is consumed commercially. The uniqueness and limited availability of the Hunna Hash Wrap could create a buzz that sets new standards in the cannabis product market, emphasizing purity, potency, and environmental considerations.


The Hunna Hash Wrap represents a significant innovation in the Michigan cannabis market, offering consumers a new way to experience THC through a unique, paperless format. This product not only challenges traditional consumption methods but also sets a precedent for future products in the industry.

For those interested in seeing the Hunna Hash Wrap in action, The Gas Station's video review provides an invaluable resource. In the review, viewers can get a close look at the unique features of the product, detailed instructions on how to properly light and smoke it, and firsthand commentary on the effects. This visual guide not only demystifies the experience but also showcases the intensity and quality of the high that comes with this innovative cannabis format.


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