Microdosing Made Easy with Michigan's Own POTartz

May 15th, 2024 Products & Reviews
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Microdosing with cannabis is gaining traction among users who seek to enjoy the benefits of THC (tetrahydrocannabinol) without experiencing overwhelming psychoactive effects. Microdoses, typically ranging from half a milligram to five milligrams per dose, are designed to be subtle enough to provide a mild, manageable high, which can potentially enhance mood and improve sleep.

In Michigan, one product stands out for those interested in microdosing: POTartz, created by Jackson-based CLDD, LLC. This product is tailored for those who appreciate the convenience and controlled dosage of THC in their edibles.

Product Overview

POTartz are crafted to cater to the microdosing community, featuring a precise 1-milligram THC content per piece. These edibles are available in two package sizes: a 200-piece bag priced around $20 and a smaller 25-piece pack for approximately $4. The candies mimic the flavor and texture of popular fruity candies, making them an appealing choice for both seasoned and novice cannabis users.

The packaging of POTartz is both eye-catching and informative, displaying key information such as the number of pieces, milligrams per piece, and the expected activation time, typically around 30 minutes. The child-resistant design and resealable zipper are thoughtful additions, enhancing safety and maintaining product freshness.

Taste and Texture

POTartz are inspired by the classic SweeTARTS candy, but are sugar-free, sweetened with sorbitol instead. Their robustness makes them an ideal choice for users who prefer to carry their edibles during outdoor activities without worrying about them breaking apart. However, their hardness might pose a challenge for those who prefer dosing in smaller increments, such as half-milligram doses.

In terms of flavor, POTartz offer a sweet and slightly sour taste that dissolves quickly, leaving a pleasant fruity aftertaste that many find enjoyable.

Microdosing with POTartz

POTartz allows users to experiment with different dosages, starting from one milligram upwards, making it easier to identify an individual's comfort level. This flexibility in dosing ensures that users can gradually find the right amount that provides the desired effect, whether it's a slight uplift in mood or a better night's sleep.


For individuals curious about microdosing THC or those seeking a controlled introduction to cannabis edibles, POTartz presents a viable option. Its precise dosing, enjoyable flavor, and user-friendly packaging make it a recommended choice for those exploring the benefits of cannabis in small, manageable amounts.

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