517 Spartan OG #6: A Gem from Premier Cannabis Farms

February 9th, 2024 Products & Reviews
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Today, we dive into a review of Premier Cannabis Farms, a brand deeply rooted in the Lansing/East Lansing area, showcasing its dedication to local pride with the 517 Spartan OG #6 strain, a nod to Michigan State University.

Despite the scarcity of information online, Premier Cannabis Farms stands out for its commitment to Lansing, incorporating the area code 517 into each strain name. Their cultivation approach focuses on a small, exclusive genetic library, emphasizing small-batch production with meticulous hand watering and trimming practices. It's likely their operations are based around Lansing, given the local distribution of their products.

Quick Overview

  • Genetics: A blend of 517 Headband and Private Reserve OG
  • THC: 24.026%
  • CBD: 0.065%
  • Total Cannabinoids: 28.277%
  • Terpene Total: 2.907%

Review Highlights

  • Appearance: The 517 Spartan OG #6 boasts large, fluffy nugs that break down beautifully.
  • Aroma: A unique woodsy scent reminiscent of cologne.
  • Flavor: A rich blend of earthy tones with a gas-like essence and a sweet undertone.

Personal Impressions

This strain truly stands out, encapsulating all the desirable qualities of premium bud—packaged in glass jars, featuring large, squishy nugs with an aroma that translates perfectly into its unique taste. Despite being slightly aged, the quality remained exceptional, making it one of the top OG varieties experienced in Michigan.

Interestingly, this strain also represented Premier Cannabis Farms in the 2023 High Times Cannabis Cup, indicating its quality and the brand's ambition.

Final Thoughts

Premier Cannabis Farms' 517 Spartan OG #6 is undeniably Gas ⛽, a testament to their meticulous cultivation process and their potential to make waves beyond the Lansing area. This review, originally featured on Gas & Middies, barely scratches the surface of the strain's excellence. For cannabis enthusiasts, especially those in Michigan, it's a brand worth watching, and I eagerly anticipate their future offerings.

For the complete review and more information, visit Gas & Middies. Your source for Michigan cannabis reviews & information. Finding the gas ⛽ through all of the middies 🥱

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