A Blast from the Past: Mr. Alan’s Iconic Brand Echoes in New Campaign

September 14th, 2023 Products & Reviews
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This September, Quality Roots acknowledges the enduring presence of a beloved Michigan brand. Many Michiganders might recall Mr. Alan's, the notable local shoe store that evokes a sense of nostalgia.

A Glimpse at Mr. Alan's History

Established in 1974 by Alan Bishop, Mr. Alan's secured a unique spot in the hearts of Michiganders. With outlets spanning locations such as Detroit, Battle Creek, Southfield, and more, the brand was recognized for its quality and affordability. During the 1980s-1990s, their straightforward yet catchy advertising campaigns, particularly the "$29, or 2 for $50" slogan, resonated with many. The iconic ads and mascots of Mr. Alan's remain in the collective memory of the community.

For those seeking a nostalgic journey, I've embedded a classic Mr. Alan's commercial that originally aired in the spring of 1999 in Detroit. It's a delightful blast from the past for longtime fans and an interesting glimpse into regional advertising for newcomers.

And here's a hilarious bit by The Detroiters on Comedy Central:

An Evolving Legacy

With the blessings of both Mr. Alan's and Snipes, which took over Mr. Alan's in 2019, Quality Roots is interpreting its essence through the cannabis lens. The fall initiative aims to echo the original brand's ethos of providing value, channeling it into the cannabis sector. In the spirit of "offering good products at good prices", Quality Roots envisions itself as a local cannabis destination upholding these values. This represents a blending of cherished traditions with innovative ventures.

Mr Alans Weed

Mark Your Calendars

Starting September 7th through October 5th, Quality Roots acknowledges the influence of Mr. Alan's. Originating from Michigan's core, this campaign pays homage to the profound influence of a regional icon and an intent to offer noteworthy cannabis experiences. For forthcoming updates and details, visit www.getqualityroots.com.

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