A Blooming Success: Cannabis Takes Arts, Beats & Eats By Storm

September 10th, 2023 Culture & Lifestyle
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The first-ever cannabis sales and consumption zone at the "Arts, Beats and Eats" festival in downtown Royal Oak this past Labor Day weekend was nothing short of a sensation. As described by festival producer Jon Witz, it was "spectacular and well-attended."

Witz proudly reported, "There were no complaints, no concerns…it was very successful." This designated area was situated in an alley between South Center Street and Washington Avenue, from Sixth Street to Seventh Street. It was marked off with a fence, covering the tented zone, designed to ensure the cannabis scent was minimized using a high-level fan/filtration system. Admittance to this area, shielded by scaffolding and drapery, was restricted to those 21 and above, presenting proper identification.

The section, titled "Dank Way" and sponsored by House of Dank Cannabis Company — a consistent key backer of Arts, Beats and Eats — showcased a range of products from nearly 10 brand partners. Besides product exploration, it also featured live entertainment and a safe place for consumption.

Out of the 345,000 festival attendees over four days, thousands visited Dank Way. Witz observed, "Some came out of sheer curiosity, not intending to purchase or partake, while others reveled in the novel experience of legally purchasing and consuming cannabis at such a large, diverse event."

He applauded House of Dank's effort stating, "They invested heavily to craft this unique, well-organized, and captivating space." Furthermore, he praised the City of Royal Oak and Arts, Beats and Eats for their forward-thinking attitude in embracing such trends, thereby helping to break cannabis-related stigmas.

It's noteworthy that the Royal Oak City Council initially resisted this idea last year, but came around this year, giving it a green light on a trial basis. Necessary approvals from state agencies were also procured.

Mike DiLaura, Chief Corporate Officer of House of Dank, shared that over $100,000 worth of products were sold during the festival, drawing a massive crowd of 17,000 into Dank Way. He expressed, "It was groundbreaking. The event not only complied with all regulations but also succeeded in setting a festive mood. Our contribution to Arts, Beats and Eats was additive, not detractive."

DiLaura's satisfaction with the festival's outcome was evident. He believes it places House of Dank in a position to further revolutionize the industry. Given their investment of $400,000 in sponsorship, infrastructure, entertainment, security, and staff for this year's festival, their commitment is clear.

Looking ahead, DiLaura envisions a promising role for House of Dank in future festivals. "In 15 years, the scenario will be different. Currently, we're bridging culture and commerce, and enjoying every moment," he remarked.

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