Another Michigan Woman Caught Smuggling Cannabis to the UK at Logan Airport

May 14th, 2024 Legal & Crime
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In a recent turn of events at Logan Airport, authorities intercepted a substantial amount of cannabis bound for the United Kingdom. The latest seizure involved a 70-pound cache of cannabis, found with a British woman attempting to depart for London this past Sunday evening. This incident follows closely on the heels of a similar case, where a woman from Michigan was caught with 74 pounds of cannabis, also destined for London.

According to a spokesperson from the Suffolk District Attorney's Office, the recent arrest occurred approximately six weeks after the first, signaling a notable pattern of smuggling attempts through this route. The spokesperson quoted Suffolk District Attorney Kevin Hayden, who expressed a stern warning against such illegal activities. "These two arrests in a fairly short time span should send a clear message that attempting to transport cannabis through Boston to the U.K. is highly ill-advised," Hayden stated.

The street value of cannabis in the United Kingdom is notably high, fetching around $5,000 per pound. This places the estimated value of the seized 70 pounds of cannabis at about $350,000.

The individual apprehended on Sunday, 19-year-old Fareedat Folunsho, faces charges of trafficking between 50 and 100 pounds of cannabis. During her arraignment in the East Boston session of the Boston Municipal Court, Folunsho pleaded not guilty and was subsequently detained on a $1,500 bail at the Nashua Street Jail. Her legal representation could not be reached for comment. She is scheduled for a probable cause hearing on May 21st.

The arrests highlight the stringent enforcement of drug trafficking laws at federal and international levels, despite the legality of cannabis in Massachusetts. Cannabis remains illegal federally in the U.S. and is also prohibited in the United Kingdom, underscoring the legal complexities surrounding its transport and sale across international borders.

These cases serve as a significant reminder of the ongoing challenges and legal consequences facing individuals who attempt to smuggle cannabis internationally, particularly from regions where it is legally permissible to areas where it is not.

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