Ascend Cannabis Store Employees in Michigan Approve Teamsters Union Contract

September 5th, 2023 Business & Industry
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Employees, including budtenders and delivery drivers, at the Ascend Wellness Holdings outlet in Michigan have endorsed a contract in collaboration with the International Brotherhood of Teamsters.

The agreement encompasses 20-25 staff members at the Ascend Cannabis outlet located on Scribner Avenue in Grand Rapids, according to Teamsters representative Matt McQuaid, who confirmed the news post-Friday's declaration.

This contract signifies the second partnership of its kind in Michigan's cannabis sector that Teamsters have approved, marking a first for the Western region of the state, as detailed in a recent Teamsters press release.

Additionally, the Ascend outlet in Morenci, Michigan, also boasts representation by Teamsters, added McQuaid.

Online records from Ascend Wellness, a multi-state operator headquartered in New York, showcase a total of eight retail branches across Michigan.

"This recent contract paves the way for a storm of future collaborations within the state," commented Peter Finn, the Western Region vice president of Teamsters.

The union has highlighted several key perks of the contract, such as an immediate wage hike with subsequent 3% annual increments. Other notable benefits encompass guaranteed tips with enhanced clarity on their distribution, confirmed discounts, employee seniority rights, protection against unwarranted terminations and disciplinary actions, advanced safety protocols for drivers, and a generous paid leave policy.

In broader context, Teamsters has been progressively establishing its footprint in the legalized cannabis industry across various states. Recent associations include collaborations with workers in California, Missouri, and Illinois.

It's also worth noting that the United Food and Commercial Workers Union maintains a prominent role within the cannabis sector. Simultaneously, there have been instances in California where cannabis employees have been mandated to engage in labor peace agreements with unauthentic union bodies.

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