Boone Labs Partners with Melk Cannabis to Enhance Michigan's Cannabis Industry

January 28th, 2024 Business & Industry
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In a significant move within the Michigan cannabis sector, Boone Labs, a family-owned cannabis processing facility, has announced a strategic partnership with Melk Cannabis, a leader in premium solventless cannabis products. This collaboration is a merging of two family-founded entities aiming to set a new standard in quality, variety, and innovation in Michigan's regulated cannabis market.

Boone Labs, based in Buchanan, Michigan, has been a prominent figure in the industry, known for representing leading brands such as Kush Masters and Elevated Lakes. The partnership with Melk Cannabis, under the guidance of Nick Young, a cannabis industry expert with ten years of experience and a Marketing Professor at Western Michigan University, signals an exciting fusion of educational depth, seasoned expertise, and a shared passion for crafting premium cannabis products that appeal to consumers.

Melk Cannabis, driven by Young's visionary leadership, has gained a reputation for its superior solventless products. The brand stands out for its unique milk carton packaging and innovative approaches to cannabis consumption. With a commitment to quality and consumer preferences, Melk Cannabis has become a favored brand in Michigan's cannabis market.

This strategic partnership brings together Boone Labs' manufacturing excellence and Melk Cannabis' expertise in solventless cannabis production. The collaboration is set to provide retailers and consumers with an enhanced selection of high-quality solventless products, showcasing the combined strengths of Boone Labs, Kush Masters, Elevated Lakes, and Melk Cannabis.

Nick Young, the founder of Melk Cannabis, expresses his enthusiasm for the collaboration, viewing it as an opportunity to reinforce their commitment to providing enjoyable and solventless cannabis experiences. Similarly, Boone Labs is optimistic about the partnership, with Max Boone, the Director of Sales and Partnerships, emphasizing their shared goal to uplift the cannabis experience in Michigan by offering top-tier solventless products.

The partnership has already yielded results, with Boone and Melk producing a solventless concentrate batch that has successfully passed state testing and is ready for distribution. This collaboration not only signifies a growth in business operations for both Boone Labs and Melk Cannabis but also represents a promising step forward in elevating the standards and experiences for cannabis consumers in Michigan.

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