Buchanan Welcomes Lifted Microgrowery, A New Take on Cannabis Retail and Cultivation

January 2nd, 2024 Business & Industry
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In Buchanan, a novel concept in the marijuana industry is taking root as two entrepreneurial brothers, Michael and RJ Walpole, are on the brink of launching the city's inaugural marijuana microgrowery, aptly named Lifted Microgrowery. This venture, four years in the making, merges the duo's diverse interests and expertise to introduce a distinctive dispensary experience to the local community.

Lifted Microgrowery distinguishes itself with a unique license - the micro business license. This permits the establishment to operate as a small-scale cultivation facility coupled with a retail space. A key aspect of this license is the requirement for all cannabis sold to be grown on-site, precluding the import or export of flower products. This model, while limiting the operation to 300 plants, ensures heightened control over quality, fostering a more intimate approach to cannabis cultivation.

Michael Walpole elucidates this unique approach, explaining that each cannabis strain exhibits distinct growth patterns and characteristics. The microgrowery setting allows for personalized care for each plant, a luxury not typically feasible in larger cultivation operations, where the sheer volume of plants often necessitates a more generalized approach, potentially compromising quality.

Beyond the cultivation aspect, the Walpole brothers are committed to creating an exceptional customer experience in their store. In an industry often focused on transaction efficiency, Lifted Microgrowery aims to deviate from the norm. Michael emphasizes their desire to offer a relaxed, unhurried environment where customers can thoroughly explore their options, engage with products, and make informed decisions without feeling pressured. This commitment to quality extends beyond their cultivation practices to the very experience of shopping at their establishment.

Lifted Microgrowery is set to redefine the dispensary experience in Buchanan, marrying meticulous cultivation with a customer-centric retail approach, all under the ethos of quality over quantity.

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