Cannabis Edibles Recall Announced by Michigan's Cannabis Regulatory Agency

September 27th, 2023 Safety & Education
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The Michigan Cannabis Regulatory Agency (CRA) has issued a voluntary recall for specific marijuana-infused edibles, produced under the "Viola Grandma's Kitchen" brand by the cannabis company Shango.

This decision is based on two primary concerns:

  1. Shango couldn't prove the consistency or homogeneity of the THC within the product.
  2. The edibles surpassed the permitted THC concentration per serving.

Among the recalled edible variants are "Big Apple Dreaming," "Uptown Espresso," "Paradise Island," and "Auntie's Punch." Shango, a significant cannabis enterprise, operates in various states including Oregon, Washington, Nevada, and Michigan.

Approximately 2,200 of these products were sold between late May and late July at several dispensaries such as Information Entropy in Ann Arbor, Shango's outlet in Hazel Park, Emerald Fire Provisioning Center in Coleman, and Plan B Wellness Center in Detroit. An additional 6,800 units are currently quarantined at Michigan dispensaries, as confirmed by David Harns, a CRA representative.

Viola, the company behind the recalled edibles, was founded by ex-NBA player Al Harrington. They collaborated with Shango to meet the growing demand for Viola's edibles. Viola expressed surprise at the discovery of Shango's non-compliance with industry standards. They have shown full support towards the recall, emphasizing that no other Viola items are affected.

Shango has yet to issue a response.

Consistency in THC distribution is vital in cannabis edibles to ensure users receive a uniform experience. It's worth noting that recreational marijuana edibles are restricted to a maximum of 10 milligrams of THC per dose.

Advisory to Consumers:

  • Those possessing the recalled products should return them to the dispensary for appropriate disposal.
  • Any adverse reactions post-consumption should be promptly reported to health care professionals.
  • Additionally, consumers can report issues directly to CRA via an "Adverse Reaction Reporting Form" available on their website or by calling 517-284-8599.

For comprehensive details on dispensaries that sold these products and the specific dates of sale, please visit

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