Cannabis Industry Booms in Southwest Michigan with Increased Dispensary Presence

April 22nd, 2024 Business & Industry
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The cannabis industry continues to expand in Southwest Michigan, with an increasing number of dispensaries opening their doors in locales such as Three Oaks, New Buffalo, Buchanan, and Niles. Green Stem dispensary in Niles celebrated its fourth annual 4/20 event since its inception in 2020, reporting a successful day characterized by a surge in online orders and significant in-person traffic.

Lynch Lindgren, the Brand Manager at Green Stem, noted a substantial turnout for the event. "We're delighted to report that we welcomed over 1,000 visitors this year, which not only boosts our sales but also brings more people to the area, positively impacting the local economy," Lindgren commented. The event has become a magnet not just for local residents but also attracts visitors from out of state looking to partake in the festivities.

According to Lindgren, the dispensary has started to surpass sales records previously set during peak vacation periods like the Fourth of July, indicating a robust growth trajectory for the business. "It's a significant shift from four years ago. Initially, we saw the same million people making purchases, but now the number has expanded to six million. There's ample opportunity for growth and expansion in the market," Lindgren explained.

Moreover, Green Stem has observed a consistent increase in sales coinciding with major holidays, including the Fourth of July and Memorial Day, suggesting a broader trend of rising cannabis sales during festive periods.

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