CannaJamin Festival: A Weekend of Music, Cannabis Culture, and Community in Standish, MI

February 21st, 2024 Events & Conferences
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The Wild Wind Sanctuary in Standish, Michigan, is gearing up to host a vibrant celebration of cannabis culture and music, named CannaJamin. This event, scheduled to start on Thursday, June 13th, at 12pm EDT, promises a four-day weekend filled with a diverse array of live music, engaging activities, and a plethora of vendors showcasing their unique products.

Organized by Terp N Time Genetics, CannaJamin is designed for individuals above the age of 21 and aims to bring together the cannabis community for a festival that transcends musical genres. Attendees can expect a lineup of talented local musicians across the weekend, alongside an exciting mix of vendors offering everything from epoxy and resin products to custom jewelry, clothing, handmade items, glassware, and custom rugs.

In addition to the musical performances and shopping opportunities, CannaJamin will feature a range of activities designed to entertain and engage, including 420 bingo, cornhole, giant Jenga, and Connect 4. Culinary delights will be available from Two Kitchens & A Jerk, offering fresh grilled food, and Connoisseur Conncessions, serving up fresh deep-fried treats. For those looking to immerse themselves fully in the festival experience, camping options are available, though spaces are limited.

The festival will also host a small caregivers cup, hinting at the possibility of this becoming an annual highlight. With sounds provided by LogSquared Sounds and Lasers and lighting by VIP Southbend, CannaJamin is set to be a sensory delight.

The musical lineup includes a diverse range of artists set to perform across the four days:

  • Thursday: Performances by Saint Beefus, Brother Mikey, Mando McPickin, Moroni Lane Music, NEO Drum, Mikel James Watkins, White Marley, King Reid, Dreamz The Artist, Primal Moon.
  • Friday: Jarome Allen, T. Schwab, DJ Royalty, Psychorot, Panda T.
  • Saturday: Kristine Goodwin, Among The Essence, Spencer Corpus Music, Altered Thoughts, JDs RoadHaus Band, Jack Elliot Music, Sonic Honey, Katie Hinote Trio, SoZeN, Morta LYfe, Brad Corpus Music, 3mma Leigh33, 45 Hollow.
  • Sunday: Micheal Root Music, Vella St, 414, Mike Griffin, Jackstand, Saint B, N.Y.T.E.

Tickets for this immersive experience are available on Eventbrite starting February 1st. CannaJamin offers a unique opportunity for the cannabis community and music enthusiasts alike to come together and celebrate in a welcoming, inclusive environment.

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