Caro to Vote on Expanding Marijuana Grower Licenses in February Election

February 18th, 2024 Legislation & Policy Updates
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In the lead-up to the February election, Caro, Michigan, finds itself at a pivotal moment regarding the future of its marijuana industry. A local ballot committee has initiated a proposal to significantly expand the city's marijuana business licenses, aiming to stimulate economic growth within the community.

The heart of this initiative is to amend the existing marijuana ordinance to allow for a dramatic increase in the number of licenses issued for adult-use marijuana growers and processors. Specifically, the proposal seeks to expand the number of grower licenses from the current limit of two to a capacious thirty. Additionally, it introduces the possibility for businesses to obtain up to five Class C licenses.

The Michigan Adult Use Marijuana Act delineates three classes of cultivation licenses, with Class C being the focal point of this proposal. A Class C license authorizes the cultivation of up to 1,500 marijuana plants for medicinal purposes and up to 2,000 plants for recreational use. Presently, Caro hosts two Class C grower licenses and two dispensaries, Spark Cannabis and Premier Cannabis, contributing to the local marijuana landscape.

Representatives from the existing dispensaries, such as Premier Cannabis, have expressed optimism about the proposed changes. They believe that increasing the number of licenses will not only benefit small businesses by providing a broader range of local products but also enhance the community's access to these offerings without directly affecting the current dispensaries' operations.

The proposed ordinance is detailed as follows:

"The City of Caro is considering an 'Adult-Use Marihuana Establishments Ordinance' that would escalate the number of adult-use marihuana Class C grower licenses from two to thirty and processor licenses from two to eight. It also proposes the introduction of up to two excess adult-use marihuana grower licenses and empowers the city to oversee these establishments."

Given the nature of this being a proposed initiated ordinance, city officials have refrained from commenting on the matter. The community will have the opportunity to cast their votes on this transformative proposal in the upcoming election on February 27th, potentially setting a new course for Caro's economic and cultural landscape in relation to the marijuana industry.

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