Caro Voters Say No to Increasing Cannabis Grower Licenses

February 28th, 2024 Legislation & Policy Updates Ryan Spegal
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In a decisive move, voters in Caro, Michigan, have made their voices heard by overwhelmingly rejecting a proposal that sought to increase the number of adult-use cannabis grower licenses in the city. The verdict came during the Presidential Primary Election held on Tuesday, where the proposal, championed by the local advocacy group Green Citizens of Caro, faced a significant defeat. Garnering only 310 affirmative votes against 559 negative ones, the initiative failed to secure the community's approval.

The proposal aimed to expand Caro's cannabis industry infrastructure by allowing more adult-use grower licenses beyond the current count. Caro presently hosts two Class C grower licenses and is home to two marijuana dispensaries, Spark Cannabis and Premier Cannabis. Despite the setback, the operation of these dispensaries is expected to continue unaffected, maintaining the status quo within the city's cannabis business landscape.

City Manager Scott Czasak succinctly summed up the election's outcome, stating, "The citizens of Caro have spoken their piece." This sentiment reflects the democratic process at work, highlighting the community's active role in shaping the local cannabis industry's future.

In the run-up to the election, a notable number of Caro residents took to social media to express their unawareness of the proposal's inclusion on the ballot, indicating a possible gap in communication and outreach efforts by its proponents.

As for the Green Citizens of Caro and their future plans, it remains uncertain whether they will attempt to introduce a similar proposal in the upcoming August and November elections. Bianca Golani, who led the signature collection and spearheaded the proposal, was unavailable for comment at the time of this report.

The rejection of this proposal marks a critical juncture for Caro, as it navigates the evolving landscape of the cannabis industry within its jurisdiction. It underscores the importance of community engagement and awareness in the decision-making process regarding local cannabis policy and regulation.

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