CBD's Impact on Senior Health and Wellness: Tucker Jasso's Mission

March 13th, 2024 Medical Marijuana
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Tucker Jasso, 60, found a significant shift in her approach to managing pain after years of relying heavily on ibuprofen, a habit borne from a lively youth filled with farm work and rodeo circuit participation. Her transition to CBD elixir for daily maintenance and CBD-infused pain relievers for acute episodes marked a departure from traditional medicine, leading to seldom use of conventional pain medication.

Jasso's advocacy for CBD products was deeply influenced by witnessing the positive impact these had on a dear friend, Charlie, who battled stage 4 pancreatic cancer. According to Jasso, CBD products facilitated a comfort that allowed Charlie to remain active and alert, offering his family precious, quality time in his final days. The profound effect on Charlie's well-being in his last weeks, where he remained lucid and engaged, left an indelible mark on Jasso and motivated her to express her gratitude in a unique way.

This experience spurred the creation of "For the Love of Charlie" and "Inspired by Charlie," online platforms dedicated to promoting medical cannabis products targeted at older adults. Jasso's mission through these initiatives is to alleviate the aging process's pains and challenges, aiming to prevent others from enduring the hardships faced by Charlie.

Jasso, a Lyndon Township resident, has been marketing hemp-derived products to the senior demographic for over a decade. Her product line, encapsulating the essence of "For the Love of Charlie," includes a variety of formats such as elixirs, creams, lotions, roll-ons, gummies, and capsules, tailored in dosage and application to meet diverse needs.

Jasso's outreach extends across Michigan, particularly in Macomb and Oakland counties, where she educates older adults at senior centers and living facilities about the benefits of CBD. Her "open houses" aim to dispel common misconceptions surrounding cannabis-based products, emphasizing the distinction between therapeutic use and the potential for misuse. Her efforts focus on empowering seniors with knowledge, guiding them in understanding product labels and encouraging informed decisions regarding their use.

As legal landscapes evolve, with Michigan and several states legalizing medical and recreational cannabis, its adoption among older adults is notably increasing. The University of Michigan's Institute for Healthcare Policy and Innovation highlighted this trend, with their research indicating a rise in cannabis use among those 50 and older, from 9.5% in 2019 to 12% in 2023. This uptick underscores the need for awareness about the interactions between cannabis and other medications, especially for older adults who may face additional risks from its use.

The university's findings call attention to the importance of discussing cannabis use with healthcare providers, given the potential for adverse interactions with medications for insomnia, depression, anxiety, pain relief, seizures, and blood thinners. Anne Fernandez, an addiction psychologist at the University of Michigan, underscores the vulnerability of older adults to cannabis-related risks, advocating for open communication with medical professionals to navigate its safe use.

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