Celebrating Over 10 Years of Service: The Journey of Northern Specialty Health

January 3rd, 2024 Culture & Lifestyle
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Northern Specialty Health, a prominent cannabis retailer in the Upper Peninsula (U.P.), has recently celebrated a significant milestone, marking over a decade of operation. Notably, it stands as the oldest independent cannabis shop in the U.P., having been the sole dispensary in the region for many years.

The business saw a change in ownership in 2013 when it was acquired by Penny and Ryan Milkey. Motivated by their personal experiences as patients and caregivers, the Milkeys embarked on this venture to provide essential medicinal options to the local community.

Penny Milkey shared insights into the positive impact their business has had on the community. She recounted testimonials from customers who have experienced improved sleep, better appetite, and overall enhanced well-being since using their products. Notably, some customers have reported reduced reliance on other medications or decreased alcohol consumption.

However, the landscape of the cannabis market has evolved, especially following the legalization of marijuana. This change has led to an influx of dispensaries throughout the county and the U.P., altering the competitive dynamics. According to Penny, while Northern Specialty Health previously attracted customers from beyond state lines, the proliferation of shops at the borders has shifted this trend. Nevertheless, she highlighted the unwavering support from local customers and the continued patronage from out-of-state visitors and tourists.

Despite these market changes, Penny emphasized their commitment to the business and the community. She expressed a strong affinity for both the cannabis plant and the community they serve, underscoring that their operations are driven by a genuine desire to help people.

As Northern Specialty Health continues its journey, the Milkeys remain dedicated to their mission of providing valuable medicinal alternatives and fostering a supportive community around their business.

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