Chesaning Village Council Advances Marijuana Ordinance Updates

October 22nd, 2023 Legislation & Policy Updates
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On Tuesday, October 17th, the Chesaning Village Council convened and ratified modifications to three segments of the village's commercial marijuana regulations.

President Pro-Tem Keith Wenzel, despite being absent due to unavoidable work commitments, forwarded a letter to the council elucidating the modifications he suggested for the marijuana ordinance. He highlighted, "Initially, Michigan had a lenient stance on marijuana business regulations. However, there have been steady efforts by the state to refine these rules, and it's imperative we align with these advancements. The current revisions are an essential step towards this, ensuring our businesses evolve beneficially for both themselves and the wider community."

Drawing inspiration from other comparable municipalities' marijuana regulations, Wenzel diligently benchmarked their guidelines against those of Chesaning. The village's finance and administration committee took cues from these examples to recalibrate the village's existing ordinance. Post this, it was submitted to the village's legal counsel for a thorough review.

Expressing his confidence in the proposed amendments, Wenzel commented, "The three ordinance changes presented tonight are lucid and get my wholehearted endorsement. This is just the commencement of our journey to continuously refine our regulations."

Following discussions, council members unanimously greenlit the modifications to the village's marijuana ordinance. The first step was the formulation of ordinance 2023-02. This ordinance revises the Chesaning Zoning Ordinance by introducing the definitions for terms like "hoop house" and "fence (obscuring)."

Moreover, changes were instated to ordinances 2019-02 and 2019-03:

  • Ordinance 2019-02 now encompasses definitions for "interpretation" and "conflicts." It has been amended to mandate an obscuring fence for "outdoor grows," thus ensuring they remain concealed from public view. Additionally, it disallows the usage of hoop houses by both grower and processor facilities.

  • Ordinance 2019-03 has been updated to dictate the licensing norms and oversight of recreational marijuana outfits. It too emphasizes the necessity for an obscuring fence and disallows hoop house use by both types of facilities.

The newly revised rules describe "outdoor grow" as a secure, fully enclosed outdoor space that remains hidden from the general public by an obscuring fence, in compliance with the Chesaning Zoning Ordinance's guidelines. This space must also incorporate dependable locks and active security mechanisms to thwart unauthorized access.

Concluding the meeting, Councilwoman Danielle Chludil, who voiced Wenzel's thoughts to the attendees, hinted that further refinements to the ordinance might be on the horizon, particularly as Michigan undertakes more sweeping updates to its marijuana statutes.

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