Community Tips Lead to Raid on Oakfield Vape and Cannabis Shop

April 11th, 2024 Legal & Crime
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In Oakfield Township, Michigan, a local business named Nature's Edge, previously operating as Greenville Hydroponics, has come under scrutiny for allegedly selling nicotine and cannabis products to minors. Following community complaints and subsequent investigations by the Kent County Sheriff's Office (KCSO), the business was raided, resulting in significant seizures.

The Kent Area Narcotics Enforcement Team executed three search warrants at Nature's Edge last month. The raid yielded 3,200 grams of cannabis, 4,100 nicotine vape pens, two handguns, and $39,500 in cash. This operation stemmed from ongoing concerns within the community about the accessibility of restricted products to underage individuals.

The suspicions were initially confirmed in May 2023 when a KCSO decoy, posing as a minor, successfully purchased a nicotine vape pen from the establishment. This incident led to the business receiving a citation for selling to an underage customer.

Further investigations were propelled by reports from a school resource officer who received information about the business allegedly selling cannabis to local students. This tip prompted a more detailed investigation by the narcotics team, culminating in last month's raids.

The Kent County Sheriff's Office has expressed gratitude towards the community for its vigilance and cooperation, emphasizing the importance of community involvement in maintaining public safety. The investigation into the alleged sales of nicotine and cannabis to minors is still active, with the authorities seeking to determine the full extent of the violations and enforce appropriate legal actions.

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