CRA Extends Partnership with Metrc for Cannabis Tracking

May 31st, 2024 Legislation & Policy Updates
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The Cannabis Regulatory Agency (CRA) has once again partnered with Metrc, securing them as the vendor for Michigan's statewide cannabis monitoring system. This decision follows a thorough bidding process where the CRA evaluated potential vendors on the cost of service and their capability to meet all administrative requirements. A critical aspect of the evaluation was the bidders' ability to prevent fraud, abuse, and other unlawful activities within Michigan's commercial cannabis industry, along with providing tools for the effective administration and enforcement of regulations.

Initially, the CRA entered into a contract with Metrc on May 12th, 2017. The agreement was structured as a two-year contract with the option to extend it annually for up to five additional years. The newly signed contract, effective from May 7th, 2024, extends for five years with five one-year extension options available upon its conclusion.

Metrc, a prominent player in the cannabis tracking industry, is currently involved in 24 government contracts and serves over 400,000 users. These users include growers, testing facilities, dispensaries, state regulators, and law enforcement officials. Metrc's system integrates advanced software, radio-frequency identification (RFID) technology, a dedicated customer support team, and a secure database to meticulously track cannabis throughout its lifecycle—from growth and harvest to processing, testing, transport, and sale.

Since its implementation in Michigan in 2018, Metrc has monitored more than 1.6 billion events and recorded over $9.7 billion in sales through its system. The company's comprehensive tracking capabilities have been instrumental in ensuring regulatory compliance and maintaining the integrity of Michigan's cannabis market.

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