Craft Cannabis Club Celebrates a Year of Enchanting Whimsical Wednesdays

October 12th, 2023 Events & Conferences
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Celebrating its roots deep in the enchanting soils of delightful memories and high-spirited moments, Craft Cannabis Club lights up the spark of celebration, marking the 1st anniversary of their whimsically wonderful event - Whimsical Wednesday. This enthralling affair is set to create a buzz in the Michigan marijuana community, planting seeds for future gatherings, all while sprouting a rich harvest of fun and fellowship among cannabis enthusiasts and novices alike.

Mark your calendars, dear Michiganders! This high-spirited affair is set to blossom on Wednesday, October 18th, from 5:30 - 10 pm EDT, right at the heart of the vibrant Craft Cannabis Club, located at 29 East Baltimore Avenue, Detroit, MI 48202.

Led by the renowned King Midas Cap Co, known for transforming events into golden memories, this evening promises not just a fusion, but a confluence of fun, flair, and festivity that twirls together like a perfectly rolled joint.

Savor and Elevate with Zenith Foodz: What's a celebration without a banquet of flavors, especially when paired with the exquisite aromas of craft cannabis? Zenith Foodz will cater an array of gourmet specialties designed to tantalize your taste buds and elevate your senses. An exclusive, complimentary tasting awaits every ticket holder, ensuring your palate embarks on a journey as delightful and varied as the strains celebrated at the Craft Cannabis Club.

Groovy Tunes with Amapiano Vibes: Keep the night alive and the vibes high! The Amapiano Vibes DJs are set to steer your rhythmic journey, ensuring your feet perpetually sway, and the night forever stays young and vibrant. Be ready to groove into a musical adventure that harmonizes perfectly with the spirited essence of Whimsical Wednesday.

Lucky Leafs – Raffles & Prizes: Ready to try your luck in with garden of delights? Engage in the raffles and you may just walk away with some fabulous prizes, adding that extra "zing" and zest to your evening of enchantment.

Harvest of Happiness – Swag & Giveaways: Ensure you're among the fortunate to pluck the whimsical giveaways – tokens to remember this magical evening by, long after the last leaf has been smoked and the final note played.

Whether you've meandered with them from the beginning of their journey, or are just now joining the festivity, come and root yourself in a night where every moment is cultivated to delight. Your presence will surely add a unique note to this harmonious blend of celebration and camaraderie.

Tickets are priced at $10 and can be purchased online, ready to be plucked by those eager to be part of an event that promises a bouquet of memories, mingling, and merriment.

Craft Cannabis Club invites you to immerse yourself in an enchanting evening where the air is imbued with whimsy, celebration, and a hearty dose of good old Michigan marijuana magic. RSVP now, and cultivate some unforgettable moments together!

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