Croptober in Michigan: The Prime Time for Cannabis Enthusiasts

October 7th, 2023 Cultivation & Harvest
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As the idyllic Michigan landscape transforms into a canvas of vibrant autumn hues, cannabis enthusiasts have an additional reason to embrace the season – it's Croptober! This annual phenomenon is the golden hour for cannabis growers and consumers alike. But what exactly is Croptober and why should you be excited? Let's delve in.

Understanding Croptober

The term "Croptober" is a fusion of 'cannabis harvest' and 'October'. It's the period when the outdoor cannabis plants, which are annual by nature, bloom and indicate readiness for harvest. These plants respond to the diminishing daylight hours by flowering, a survival instinct to reproduce.

Interestingly, while indoor cultivators might control lighting to expedite the blooming phase, outdoor cannabis champions sustainability. Not only can outdoor plants grow to be double the size of their indoor counterparts, but they also consume just half the energy, underlining their eco-friendly nature.

Why Croptober Is Your Cannabis Shopping Fest

There's a reason Croptober is dubbed the best time to purchase weed:

  • Freshness Personified: The cannabis harvested in Croptober is the epitome of freshness. Most products display their harvest date, allowing you to gauge its newness. The hallmarks of freshness are a robust aroma, lush buds, and brilliant colors – all indicative of premium-grade cannabis.

  • Diverse Choices: Thanks to the bountiful harvest, you'll be spoiled for choice with a plethora of strains and products. No matter your preference, Croptober ensures that your beloved strains are likely available.

  • Attractive Deals: Croptober brings a deluge of promotions and discounts, courtesy of the fresh influx. It's the perfect season to replenish your stash or experiment with new products without straining your wallet.

  • Enhanced Experience: Fresh cannabis promises a heightened experience both in terms of potency and flavor. With cannabinoids and terpenes at their zenith, expect a rich and immersive cannabis session.

Spotting Fresh Cannabis

Ensuring the freshness of your purchase during Croptober is a cinch:

  • Check the label for the harvest date.
  • Prioritize buds that have a pronounced aroma, are dense, and showcase lively colors.
  • Choose dispensaries known for their meticulous storage practices like temperature-regulated facilities and light-resistant packaging.

Storing Your Cannabis: Seal the Freshness

Now that you have your fresh batch, maintaining its freshness becomes paramount:

  • Limit Light: Cannabis deteriorates swiftly with light exposure. Always opt for dark, opaque containers.

  • Regulate Humidity: Maintain a relative humidity (RH) between 55%-65%. This prevents mold proliferation while retaining the moisture of your cannabis. Using humidity packs can be beneficial.

  • Optimal Temperature: A cool, dark storage space with temperatures between 55℉-75℉ is ideal. Fluctuating temperatures can compromise the cannabinoid and terpene integrity.

  • Limit Air Contact: Prolonged air exposure can transform THC into CBN, a compound with muted effects. Employ air-tight containers to ensure the longevity of your cannabis's potency.

In conclusion, as Michigan's foliage transitions into fall, Croptober brings an added layer of excitement for cannabis aficionados. Whether you're a cultivator witnessing the fruits of your labor or a consumer hunting for the freshest products, this season is truly a cannabis celebration. Happy Croptober!

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