Detroit Expands Cannabis Landscape with Latest Licensing Round

November 14th, 2023 Legislation & Policy Updates
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Detroit's burgeoning recreational marijuana sector marked a significant milestone as the city's Office of Marijuana Ventures and Entrepreneurship announced a fresh wave of licenses, bringing new retail, microbusiness, and consumption lounge establishments to the forefront. This development underscores Detroit's continued commitment to fostering a diverse and equitable cannabis industry.

In a competitive application process, 37 out of 65 applicants were awarded licenses to commence operations in various facets of the marijuana business. Notably, the majority of these licenses were allocated for recreational marijuana dispensaries, demonstrating the growing demand and acceptance of cannabis in the city. Additionally, one applicant received the green light to open what could be Detroit's first-ever marijuana consumption lounge, a concept gaining traction in various parts of the country.

Kim James, the director of the Office of Marijuana Ventures and Entrepreneurship, applauded the recipients for their potential and dedication to uphold the city's core values concerning diversity and equity. In a significant nod to inclusivity, 13 of the licensed businesses are majority African American-owned, five are predominantly women-owned, and 21 have Detroit residents as majority owners.

This new wave of licensing follows almost a year after Detroit's initial announcement of 33 businesses receiving recreational marijuana licenses. This progress marks the culmination of a lengthy and complex effort by the city to distribute these coveted licenses. Detroit had to navigate numerous legal challenges as it sought to establish a fair licensing process, particularly emphasizing "equity applicants." These applicants typically represent individuals from communities historically affected by marijuana prohibition and enforcement, including those with certified Detroit Legacy status residing in Detroit or other similarly impacted areas.

Since recreational marijuana became available for purchase in Detroit in early January, the city now boasts 31 operational recreational marijuana retailers. The economic impact of this burgeoning industry is underscored by the imposition of a 10% state excise tax on recreational marijuana products. The Michigan Department of Treasury is expected to announce early next year the allocation of this tax revenue to Detroit, marking the city's first receipt of funds from the Marihuana Regulation Fund. During Michigan's 2023 fiscal year, marijuana tax revenue amounted to a substantial $266.2 million.

April 2022 marked the beginning of Detroit awarding unlimited licenses for activities such as cannabis cultivation and processing, further expanding the industry's scope. In this latest round of licensing, four applicants were granted provisional certificates to open consumption lounges, and two others for microbusinesses, contingent upon securing a property within 18 months—a process in which the city has pledged support.

Before commencing operations, these newly licensed businesses must obtain final approvals from the state of Michigan, a crucial step towards actualizing their business plans.

The announcement of these new licenses is a clear indication of Detroit's ongoing efforts to create a robust, diverse, and equitable recreational marijuana market, reflecting the city's broader goals of economic growth and inclusivity. As this industry continues to evolve, Detroit positions itself as a key player in the ever-expanding landscape of the legal cannabis market.

Here is the full list of those who obtained a license:

Equity Designated Consumption Lounge 

  • Legacy Greens LLC, 19347 Mt. Elliott St.

Equity Retailers

  • Green Genie 3 Inc., 20046 W. Warren Ave.
  • Dank Garden LLC, 7741 Lyndon St.
  • Midtown Weed Works LLC, 216 E. Milwaukee St.
  • Green Genie Inc., 24600 W. McNichols Road
  • Brightmoore Gardens LLC, 12641 Stout St.
  • East to West Management LLC, 5808 E. McNichols Road
  • 13042 Van Dyke LLC, 13042 Van Dyke Ave.
  • Caldwell 5540 LLC, 5540 E. Eight Mile Road
  • LHSZTY LLC, 7304 Michigan Ave. 
  • Utopia Gardens LLC, 6541 E. Lafayette St.
  • Legacy Greens, LLC, 19347 Mt. Elliott St.
  • Treelated Health Center LLC, 10101 Fenkell Ave.
  • Golden Herbal Leaf Inc., 1601 E. Grand Blvd.
  • Emerald Garden Mineral Health Inc., 140 Clark St.
  • CJ Ball LLC, 7529 Joy Road

Non-equity Retailers

  • 420 Factory LLC, 7555 Greenfield Road
  • Evergreen Wellness LLC, 19705 W. Seven Mile Road
  • The Great Vine LLC, 17498 Mt. Elliott St. 
  • Buckmack LLC, 15831 Mack Ave.
  • No Limit Investments LLC, 2619 S. Schaefer Hwy.
  • BBJF LLC, 6191 W. Warren Ave.
  • 7940 Michigan Avenue LLC, 7940 Michigan Ave.
  • TCD Detroit LLC, 13815 W. Eight Mile Road
  • Jazz Club 2 LLC, 16890 Telegraph Road
  • Lando Land LLC, 6650 E. Eight Mile Road
  • West Michigan Collective LLC, 11999 Gratiot Ave.
  • Pure Property Holdings LLC, 13510 E. Eight Mile Road
  • 20100 Sherwood LLC, 20100 Sherwood St.
  • Backpack Boyz LLC, 6240 E. Eight Mile Road
  • 378 Fordson LLC, 8287 Southfield Road

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