Detroit Grandmother Exposes Illegal Marijuana Sales to Minors

February 16th, 2024 Legal & Crime
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In a determined effort to address illegal marijuana sales to minors, a Detroit grandmother, Vivienne Miles-Jackson, orchestrated an undercover operation to gather evidence against a local hookah shop accused of selling cannabis to her 15-year-old grandson. The establishment, Detroit Hookah, located on the east side of Detroit and in close proximity to John J. Pershing High School, has no license to distribute marijuana, raising significant concerns over the safety and legality of its operations.

Motivated by a deep concern for the well-being of her grandson and potentially other minors, Miles-Jackson equipped her grandson with a camera to document his purchase of marijuana from the shop. This strategic move was aimed at securing incontrovertible proof of the illegal transactions purportedly taking place at the establishment.

Upon successfully capturing the transaction on video, where her grandson was shown exchanging money for a sealed package of marijuana, Miles-Jackson promptly reported the incident to the Detroit Police Department (DPD), providing them with the recorded evidence. The subsequent police investigation into Detroit Hookah unveiled a startling discovery: the seizure of over 11,000 grams of marijuana, an amount likened to a garbage bag full of the substance, as stated by DPD Commander Eric Decker.

Despite the shop owner's absence during a visit by reporters and his cousin's dismissal of the video as a setup, claiming no weed is sold at the shop, the police's findings underscored the gravity of the situation. Commander Decker highlighted the initial steps taken against the business owner, including the issuance of several tickets, and hinted at the possibility of further action pending a comprehensive investigation.

This case emerges amidst a broader crackdown on illegal activities in establishments such as gas stations, convenience stores, and hookah lounges by DPD's revamped Vice Enforcement unit. The unit's proactive approach involves regular inspections and undercover operations to ensure compliance with licensing requirements, aiming to curb illicit practices like the unlicensed sale of marijuana.

The ongoing investigation into Detroit Hookah serves as a stark reminder of the challenges facing law enforcement and communities in safeguarding minors from illegal drug transactions, as well as the crucial role of vigilant citizens in assisting police efforts to uphold the law.

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