Exploring the Future of Cannabis at Bloomfield's Innovation CannaTech Event

January 23rd, 2024 Events & Conferences
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Michigan's cannabis industry is set to receive a significant boost with the upcoming Innovation CannaTech event, organized by BusinessExpos.com. Scheduled for April 30th, 2024, at the Kingsley by Hilton in Bloomfield Hills, Michigan, this one-day event is poised to be a landmark gathering for cannabis technology and innovation.

Innovation CannaTech aims to shine a spotlight on the latest advancements across all facets of the cannabis sector, including regulatory developments, cultivation improvements, and more. Jen Wynn, the Vice President of Expositions at BusinessExpos.com, expressed excitement about offering a platform for showcasing the latest innovations in the cannabis industry.

A key highlight of the event will be the participation of Brian Hanna, Executive Director of Michigan's Cannabis Regulatory Agency (CRA), as the keynote speaker. Appointed by Governor Whitmer in December 2022, Hanna leads the CRA in overseeing medical and adult-use marijuana industries, regulation of hemp-derived products, and the state's medical marijuana registry card program. His presence is expected to provide invaluable insights into Michigan's cannabis landscape.

Wynn emphasized the importance of CRA's involvement, highlighting the opportunity for attendees to gain first-hand information about market updates.

The event also features an educational component, with Wayne State University presenting their new Certificate in Cannabis Chemistry program. This program is designed to prepare students for careers in cannabis testing and regulation, focusing on analytical chemistry, separation science, laboratory safety, and industry-specific research. Andrea N. Matti, a doctoral teaching assistant at Wayne State University, underscored the program's role in equipping students for the expanding field of cannabis testing and regulation.

Innovation CannaTech is not just about showcasing technological advancements but also about building a vibrant, inclusive community. It offers a unique opportunity for professionals to network, learn, and contribute to the dynamic cannabis industry.

Attendees will have access to the show floor, speaker sessions, and an evening reception with full access passes. For more information or to register for the event, visit BusinessExpos.com or call (810) 547-1349.

About BusinessExpos.com

BusinessExpos.com facilitates business connections across various industries. Their expos provide a platform for professionals to find products, services, and partnerships, fostering growth in B2B enterprises.

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