Family Fun and Adult Leisure Blend at Royal Oak's Upcoming Taco Fest

May 10th, 2024 Events & Conferences
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The Royal Oak Taco Fest, a thriving community event now in its third year, is poised to introduce several new features this summer, headlined by the much-anticipated integration of a cannabis sales and consumption area. Slated to run from July 4th through July 7th, the Taco Fest aims to surpass the success of previous years by not only catering to a diverse crowd but also by expanding its entertainment and activity offerings.

Under the guidance of Jon Witz, the festival's organizer known for the acclaimed Arts, Beats and Eats festival, this year's Taco Fest will extend its family-friendly attractions alongside adult-oriented enhancements, including a secure cannabis consumption zone managed by JARS Cannabis. This initiative follows the successful model previously implemented at the Arts, Beats and Eats festival, reflecting a continuing trend of integrating cannabis into mainstream community events.

While the Taco Fest has enjoyed robust attendance in past years, drawing up to 60,000 visitors, this year's enhancements are expected to boost those numbers even further. The inclusion of a cannabis area is a significant development, managed by JARS Cannabis, a company with a strong presence in Michigan, Colorado, and Arizona. Positioned discreetly in a municipal parking lot, the area will offer privacy and controlled access, mirroring the successful setup seen at Denver's Mile High 420 Festival.

In addition to expanding the taco offerings with over 50 vendors, the Taco Fest will also feature new entertainment options including Lucha Libre wrestling, hot sauce challenges, and a variety of contests that promise to engage attendees of all ages. Family activities will see an increase as well, with a new zip line and a ropes course designed to provide thrilling experiences for adventurous festival-goers.

The local business community and city officials have shown strong support for the festival's innovative approach to combining family-friendly fun with responsible adult activities. The decision to include a cannabis consumption area was made with careful consideration of public feedback and the positive reception of similar initiatives at other city events.

By embracing the integration of cannabis in a controlled and tasteful manner, the Royal Oak Taco Fest is setting a benchmark for how community festivals can cater to a broad demographic while ensuring safety and compliance. This progressive move not only reflects the evolving public perception of cannabis but also enhances the festival's appeal as a inclusive social event.

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