Fenton Debates Pros and Cons of Recreational Cannabis Establishments

April 11th, 2024 Legislation & Policy Updates
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Fenton City Hall is actively seeking community input on the potential authorization of recreational cannabis establishments within its boundaries. Two public hearings have been scheduled to facilitate this dialogue: the first on Monday, April 15th, and the second on Wednesday, April 17th, both at 7 p.m. These sessions will be held at the Fenton City Hall, located at 301 S. Leroy St.

The focus of these meetings will be to collect insights, opinions, and information from residents regarding the prospect of cannabis businesses operating in Fenton and the appropriate regulatory measures to be considered. A notice about the public meetings highlighted the importance of community feedback in shaping the city's approach to this issue.

Fenton's City Manager, Lynn Markland, emphasized that the hearings provide a crucial opportunity for residents to express their positions—whether in support or opposition—to the city council. "The city council is eager to hear all perspectives as they deliberate on this matter," Markland commented.

In 2023, local governments in Michigan benefited significantly from cannabis-related activities, receiving a combined total of $87 million in tax revenues from marijuana sales. While acknowledging the financial benefits, Markland clarified that Fenton is not looking to rely on cannabis sales tax revenue as a primary financial resource. "We are not considering recreational marijuana sales as a core component of our fiscal strategy. Instead, we are assessing whether a dispensary would serve the best interests of our community," he explained.

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