First Cannabis Provisioning Center Opens in Charlotte Amid High Hopes

June 7th, 2024 Business & Industry
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After extensive research and community consultation, the City of Charlotte is opening its doors to cannabis dispensaries. This Monday marks the inauguration of the city's first cannabis provisioning center.

The idea of cannabis retail in Charlotte has been under consideration for several years, sparking both interest and controversy. Following approval by the local government last August, the city anticipates the arrival of multiple cannabis stores in the near future.

Mayor Pro-Tem Mike Duweck explained that the city has taken cues from other Michigan cities that host cannabis shops.

"Some residents are concerned about the potential increase in traffic these centers might bring. However, our police chief has conducted thorough research by reaching out to cities statewide to understand their experiences. The reality is that there have been virtually no issues," Duweck stated.

While the city has opted not to permit cannabis grow facilities, three provisioning centers have applied to open. One of these is Hollywood Jacks, founded by a local couple from Charlotte, aiming to open this summer.

"It's exciting. I've had to overcome the stigma and educate myself, much like many others," said Keisha Howe, Co-Owner of Hollywood Jacks.

Nearby, Harbor Farmz is preparing for a soft opening on June 10th, with a grand opening celebration scheduled for Saturday, June 15th.

"We are thrilled to be the first to open in Eaton County and the City of Charlotte. The community support, especially on social media, has been tremendous," said Mitchell Maltz, General Manager of Harbor Farmz.

For Charlotte, the addition of cannabis dispensaries is a strategic move to boost local revenue. Duweck anticipates significant financial benefits from the sales and property taxes generated by these businesses.

"Based on last year's data, each center could contribute approximately $65,000 annually to the city. For a town of our size, that's a substantial amount," Duweck noted.

High Society is the third facility to apply for a license in Charlotte, adding to the growing interest in cannabis retail within the community.

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