First Draft of Recreational Marijuana Ordinance Presented in Bad Axe

January 17th, 2024 Legislation & Policy Updates
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In a recent development at the Bad Axe City Council meeting on January 16th, City Manager Rebecca Bachman presented the first draft of the recreational marijuana ordinance. While the ordinance was not initially listed on the meeting's agenda due to timing constraints, it was nonetheless shared with council members for review and discussion during the final board comments.

Bachman explained the absence of the ordinance from the agenda, stating, "I did not get it in time to put it on this agenda as it would not have given you enough time to look at it. It will be on the very next meeting, and now you have plenty of time to look through it." This draft, prepared by the city attorneys, is slated for a detailed discussion at the council's next meeting on February 5th.

The forthcoming meeting will primarily focus on deliberating the contents of the ordinance, providing council members an opportunity to propose amendments. Bachman highlighted that the current draft primarily addresses operational regulations, leaving the zoning aspects for future discussions.

Should the council find no significant need for amendments, the ordinance could potentially be voted on as early as the February 5th meeting. Following council approval, the ordinance would then be forwarded to the Bad Axe Planning Commission to establish zoning regulations for marijuana facilities.

Despite a slight delay, Bachman reassured that the process is progressing smoothly and remains on track with the projected four- to six-month timeline for final approval. She expressed optimism about the ordinance's approval, which would allow interested parties to begin applying for licenses.

Bad Axe Police Chief Shawn Webber, in a previous report, noted the economic benefits of such facilities. Specifically, he mentioned that two types of recreational facilities, namely 'retailers' and 'micro-businesses,' could generate substantial revenue for the city. Based on data from 2022-2023, the city anticipates an average revenue of $51,841 per license, a figure that has risen since the legalization of recreational marijuana in Michigan.

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