Flower Expo Michigan Set to Debut in 2024: A New Chapter in Cannabis Trade Shows

November 21st, 2023 Events & Conferences Ryan Spegal
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In a notable development for the cannabis industry, Flower Expo Michigan is set to make its debut on August 7-8th, 2024, in Allegan, Michigan. This event marks the first time the Premier B2B Cannabis Trade Show is expanding beyond its original location, a strategic move reflecting the burgeoning cannabis market in the state. The Michigan expo follows closely on the heels of the second Flower Expo Massachusetts, scheduled for June 5-6th in Greenfield, Massachusetts.

The inaugural Massachusetts event, held last year, was a resounding success. It attracted significant attendance from the state's cannabis sector, with over 70% of local dispensaries participating. The expo also saw participation from more than 150 leading brands, including major players like PAX, Cookies, Curaleaf, Green Thumb Industries, and others, demonstrating the high level of interest and engagement within the industry.

Flower Expo has earned a reputation for being a highly focused industry event, emphasizing connections between buyers and brands. Its unique format allows for cannabis consumption and live product sampling on-site, offering a dynamic platform for attendees to interact with new products, negotiate deals, and network with industry leaders.

Greenfield, Massachusetts, located in the Emerald Triangle of New England, proved an ideal setting for the expo's successful launch. Looking ahead, Flower Expo aims to replicate this success in Michigan, choosing the Allegan County Fairgrounds near Grand Rapids as its venue. Michigan's rapid rise as a leading cannabis market, currently second in the U.S. in terms of cannabis revenue, makes it an apt choice for Flower Expo's expansion. The event has already attracted several brands, including Higgs, Treez, and Cloud Cover, signaling strong industry support.

The expo's expansion is spearheaded by Jason Bello, Founder & CEO of Flower Expo. Bello, with his extensive background in the cannabis industry, including a leadership role at Source, a prominent California flower brand, and experience with Hall of Flowers, brings invaluable insight to the event. He highlights the significant opportunities Flower Expo presents for exhibitors, aiming to make it a pivotal marketing and sales event with measurable returns on investment.

Flower Expo also places a strong emphasis on creating valuable connections between brands and retailers. Emily Chisick, Director of Retail Relations, outlines the expo's commitment to providing a VIP experience for retailers, with a goal of registering a significant number of retail stores from both Michigan and Massachusetts.

A key aspect of Flower Expo's appeal is its consumption-friendly environment, a deliberate choice to enhance the trade show experience. Kai Brady, Director of Business Development, underscores this feature as essential for a genuine cannabis trade show, blending business with a more relaxed and engaging atmosphere.

As Flower Expo gears up for its 2024 events, it stands as a crucial platform in the cannabis industry, bringing together key players to shape the market's future. The events in Greenfield, Massachusetts, and Allegan, Michigan, are poised to be landmark gatherings for the cannabis community.

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