Foretwenty Sesh Brings Back the Haunted Harvest with Trap or Treat II

October 2nd, 2023 Events & Conferences
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The autumn air is crisp, the leaves underfoot crunch with every step, and the scent of apple cider wafts through the air. It's that hauntingly delightful time of year again and Foretwenty Sesh has something wickedly fun up their sleeves for the cannabis community in Michigan! Get ready to celebrate the spooky season in an exhilarating and unique way at the "Haunted Harvest: Trap or Treat II" event, organized by the innovators at Foretwenty Sesh.

Taking place on Saturday, October 21st, 2023, from noon to 8:30 PM EDT, at the scenic Getaway Bay Beach in Milan, MI, this event promises to blend the bewitching aura of Halloween with the spirited camaraderie of the cannabis culture. Nestled at 16339 Cone Rd, Milan, MI 48160, the same location that hosted the "Stoned in the Sand" event, this year's Trap or Treat is bound to be an unforgettable escapade for attendees.

Get ready to plunge into a world where the cannabis community meets the spectral and whimsical. Multiple heated sesh tents will provide cozy spots to relax and revel, while an array of activities will keep the thrill alive throughout the day. Adventurous souls can engage in a captivating scavenger hunt, exploring the nooks and crannies of the venue in search of hidden treasures and perhaps, encountering a friendly ghost or two along the way.

The event is not just a gathering but a spectacle, with a grand firework show that will light up the night sky, symbolizing the vibrant and sparkling spirit of the community. Complementing the visual feast will be the tantalizing taste of free apple cider and donuts, ensuring that the atmosphere is infused with autumnal flavors and warmth.

The crescendo of excitement reaches its peak with the $2,000 grand prize costume contest! Don your most creative, spooky, or downright hilarious costume and let the crowd be the judge. Every ticket purchaser is automatically entered into the contest, providing a chance to not only showcase your Halloween spirit but also to potentially walk away with a spectacular prize.

Priced at $19.00 for General Admission and $95.00 for a VIP ticket, attendees can expect an array of exclusive experiences and perks. The VIP ticket holders, in particular, will enjoy some additional luxuries and surprises that will make their experience even more enchanting.

And let's not forget: a free dab bar will be present to elevate your spooky sesh to new heights, ensuring a ghoulishly good time for all.

Proud sponsors and generous giveaways will enhance the experience, sprinkling in extra joy and surprises throughout the day. Thousands of giveaways are anticipated, promising a plethora of delightful treats (with no tricks!) for those who join the gathering.

Haunted Harvest: Trap or Treat II is an event that curates a unique and spirited space, fostering community, celebration, and of course, a love for cannabis. Foretwenty Sesh warmly welcomes everyone above 21, and 18+ attendees with a Medical Card, to be a part of this thrilling event.

So mark your calendars, prepare your costumes, and get ready to traverse through a day where the worlds of eerie spectacles and cannabis wonders collide. Ensure your spot amidst the enchanting chaos by securing your tickets today. Visit to grab your passes to a realm where the spirited vibes of Halloween and the serene clouds of cannabis blissfully intertwine.

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