Halloweed Glow Party: A Closer Look at Flint’s Upcoming Event at Vehicle City Social

October 4th, 2023 Events & Conferences
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This Halloween, Flint is about to experience a luminous celebration that will shine a light on both the fun of the season and the importance of medical marijuana: The Halloweed Glow Party. Hosted by Vehicle City Social, this glowing soirée aims to support the medical marijuana community and create a space for enlightenment, fun, and advocacy.

Scheduled for Saturday, October 28th, from 8pm to midnight at the beloved Vehicle City Social, the Halloweed Glow Party is not just an ordinary Halloween bash. It's a radiant occasion designed to challenge stigmas, encourage open discussions, and immerse attendees in the vibrant spirit of Halloween.

What truly makes this event sparkle is its unique offerings for attendees. The first 250 guests will receive the invaluable gift of free medical marijuana certifications, along with complimentary annual memberships to Vehicle City Social. This initiative paves the way for many to discover the potential benefits and relief that medicinal cannabis can offer.

The list of attractions promises to dazzle: from thrilling live music that will awaken spirits to a costume contest bathed in cash prizes. And the brightness doesn't stop there. Participants can also look forward to Elite Genetics giveaways, mysterious guest appearances, and mesmerizing live performances.

For caregivers, brands, and sponsors: this is your chance to be part of an event that's bound to shine in the memories of its attendees for years. Prepare to showcase your best Halloween ensembles, engage with a community of like-minded individuals, and make a lasting impression.

While the Halloweed Glow Party is staunchly medical-only, there's good news for those who might feel left in the dark. Vehicle City Social has illuminated a path for individuals over 21. On the day of the event, there will be a sign-up sheet for free medical certifications. So, even if you're new to the medical community, you can sign up and get certified. Simply call the front desk of Vehicle City Social to reserve your spot ((810) 422-9148), bearing in mind the limited availability of 250 free certifications.

So, Flint residents, mark your calendars, share the news with friends and neighbors, and let's come together under the shimmering night sky this October 28th. Together, we can ensure the Halloweed Glow Party not only lights up the night but also the future of our vibrant medical marijuana community.

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