Historic Big Rapids Building Gets New Life with Triad of Entertainment, Coffee, and Cannabis

September 21st, 2023 Business & Industry
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Marc Robert, a local entrepreneur, has infused new life into the historic building at 120 S. Michigan Ave. above Shooter's Bar & Grill, offering a fusion of a marijuana dispensary, coffee hub, and an entertainment venue. Here's a deeper dive into this pioneering venture:

The Luckyspot Dispensary

Originally known as Lucky's, the space has been revamped and renamed to Luckyspot. This full-service marijuana dispensary partners with Roasted Insomniac, a coffee nook offering baked delicacies and diverse coffee blends.

Acacia Place - More Than Just a Venue

Replacing the historic Masonic Temple lodge, the newly christened Acacia Place is set to host events ranging from concerts and weddings to musicals and grand group gatherings. Robert's inspiration traces back to his student days at Ferris State University when he frequented this place for fraternity events. "The building's energy is palpable, and it has a rich history. It's where the first two Ferris State University class graduations took place. We aim to preserve and celebrate this legacy," remarked Robert.

Roasted Insomniac – A Retro Coffee Corner: Positioned to serve the visitors of the dispensary, this cafe will offer an array of baked goods and coffee. An additional nostalgic touch? A TV hooked up to 10,000 retro games.

Upcoming Events and Offers: Acacia Place is all set to host rapper Sada Baby on October 21st at 8 p.m. General admission tickets are priced at $99, and VIP tickets, offering a sound check and meet & greet, come at $149. Ticket holders also get tempting offers on cannabis products and accessories.

The dispensary will have its grand opening at 9 a.m. on September 25th, with deals and top-shelf brands awaiting customers.

Community & Collaboration

With a seating capacity of 225, which Robert hopes to expand soon, the venue aims to integrate with Ferris State University and the local music scene. Plans for student internships to manage the venue are also on the horizon. Robert is keen on contributing to local initiatives, supporting entities like Muskegon State Park, the Muskegon Humane Society, and Ferris State University, among others.

"My primary goal is to enrich Big Rapids' culture," Robert expressed. "Culture intertwines with music, art, entertainment, and community. I hope to pass down a vibrant community space to future generations."

For details on the Luckyspot, check out luckyspotusa.com. To stay updated on events and availability at Acacia Place, head over to acaciaplacelive.com.

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