Holly Village Enhances Parks and Scholarships with Help from Lume Cannabis

April 27th, 2024 Business & Industry
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The Village of Holly is experiencing enhancements in its recreation offerings thanks to a notable contribution from Lume Cannabis Company, a prominent cannabis retailer in Michigan. The company has committed $50,000 to support the village's parks department and various community initiatives, including a scholarship program. This funding effort is partly sourced from the annual sales at Lume's store located on Grange Hall Road in Holly.

Out of the total donation, $10,000 will be allocated directly to the village's parks department, with an additional $7,000 designated for the acquisition of new playground equipment. Jerry Walker, the Village of Holly Manager, expressed gratitude for the partnership with Lume, highlighting the positive impact of the company's involvement since it began operations last year. "Lume has been an incredible partner since their doors opened last year and the company's investment in our community is allowing us to create family-friendly amenities at our parks," Walker said. He also noted that the funds would support educational scholarships aimed at helping local residents pursue careers as police officers and firefighters, as well as backing the village's Fourth of July fireworks celebrations.

The presence of cannabis retailers like Lume not only boosts local economies through such direct contributions but also benefits Michigan communities through the shared tax revenue generated from cannabis sales.

Lume operates 38 locations across Michigan, including four additional stores in Oakland County. Doug Hellyar, the President and COO of Lume, reiterated the company's commitment to community support. "At Lume, we are dedicated to being a good neighbor and serving our loyal customers," said Hellyar. "The Village of Holly has been so welcoming since we opened and we are thrilled to have an opportunity to help support the community by investing in local parks and scholarships."

This partnership exemplifies how cannabis companies can play a pivotal role in fostering community development and support through strategic investments and engagement with local programs.

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