Introducing Field of Greens: A Trailblazing Venue for Cannabis and Music Lovers

February 1st, 2024 Events & Conferences
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In Michigan, where recreational cannabis is legally consumed, music venues have traditionally navigated a complex landscape, largely due to the intertwined regulations surrounding liquor licenses. However, a pioneering approach by the organizers of the state's Cannabash music festival may soon change the game. They aim to launch what is anticipated to be the United States' first music venue to legally sell and allow the consumption of both alcohol and cannabis.

Field of Greens, an outdoor concert space in Baldwin, is set to open its gates this spring, according to Grams & Jams Productions. This innovative move is a direct response to the longstanding practice of concertgoers indulging in either alcohol or cannabis during events—a reality that the organizers are keen to embrace and formalize within the regulatory framework.

"The concept isn't new—people have been enjoying music with their preferred choice of legal intoxicants for decades," Connie Maxim-Sparrow, co-founder of Grams & Jams Productions, shared with Metro Times. She highlighted the ubiquity of cannabis use at concerts, using Pine Knob's live music events as an example of where attendees regularly smoke weed.

The journey towards this groundbreaking venture was partly inspired by the success of the Cannabash festival, which since its inception in 2022 at Muskegon's Softball World grounds, has rapidly grown in popularity. With a lineup that included notable performers such as Ludacris and Sada Baby, the 2023 festival attracted 12,000 attendees, underscoring the public's enthusiasm for such events.

The decision to develop Field of Greens was driven by logistical challenges and municipal restrictions encountered at previous venues. Partnering with Baldwin Provisions, a local cannabis dispensary situated on a 30-acre site, offered a solution. The chosen location, once a gun and driving range, provides the necessary infrastructure for large events, including power, lighting, and fencing. Moreover, its proximity to Idlewild, a historic African American vacation spot, adds cultural and historical significance.

To navigate the legal complexities of selling and consuming alcohol and cannabis in the same venue, Grams & Jams Productions plans to split the venue with a fence, designating separate areas for each substance. This arrangement will be complemented by a temporary 24-hour liquor license obtained through the organization's nonprofit division, ensuring compliance with state regulations.

Maxim-Sparrow views this innovative model as a step towards more pragmatic regulations in the future, envisioning Field of Greens as a trailblazer for the music industry's integration with cannabis events. With plans for the venue to accommodate up to 15,000 people, there are ambitions to expand and formalize the space, drawing inspiration from successful venues like the Meijer Gardens Amphitheater in Grand Rapids.

The inaugural season at Field of Greens promises a diverse lineup of events catering to various musical tastes and demographics. From the rock and blues-focused Bikes, Buds, and Brews, aligning with Baldwin's Blessing of the Bikes, to the mainstream allure of Grams & Jams Country Night, and the return of Cannabash with its hip-hop and rock repertoire, the schedule is designed to celebrate music and cannabis culture alike.

  • Bikes, Buds and Brews - May 18th 2024, 1:00 PM - 10:00 PM
    • Bringing over 55,000 motorcycle enthusiasts to Baldwin, Michigan to celebrate the start of bike season. Enjoy cornhole and midget wrestling, finish the night off with some rythmn and blues on the Field of Greens Mainstage.

  • Grams & Jams Country Night - June 14th 2024, 2:00 PM - 10:00 PM
    • Expect 4,000 of your closest cannabis enthusiasts for an evening of country music and good times.

  • Cannabash - July 13th 2024, 3:00 PM - 10:00 PM
    • Celebrate the culture and community of cannabis as this festival's 3rde annual installment. Anticipate music from the nation's top artists focusing on rock, county, and hip hop as only Cannabash does.

  • Grams & Jams Bluegrass Night - August 23rd 2024
    • Expect 4,000 of your closest cannabis enthrusiasts for an evening of blue grass and good times.

  • Croptoberfest - September 21st 2024
    • Join us as we celebrate the harvest of 2024, close the season out with a bang!

As Grams & Jams Productions moves forward with selling tickets and seeking sponsorships, the message is clear: cannabis culture deserves recognition and its rightful place in the public sphere.

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