Investigation Launched After Students Consume Cannabis Edibles at Harper Woods School

February 23rd, 2024 Safety & Education
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An ongoing investigation in Harper Woods focuses on a concerning incident where approximately eleven middle school students are believed to have consumed cannabis-infused edibles while at school.

This event took place at Discovery Creative Pathways K-8, a charter school situated on Harper Avenue, just north of Moross Road, on Thursday, February 22nd. It's reported that a student brought the edible gummies to school and shared them with ten peers, ranging in age from 12 to 15.

Jason Hammerle, the Director of Public Safety, shared insights into the situation, noting, "A student distributed cannabis edibles amongst some classmates, leading to their illness, which appeared akin to intoxication. Our detectives have conducted interviews with the student responsible for distributing the edibles and a parent, though decisions regarding charges are pending until the Wayne County Prosecutor's Office reviews the case. The school's response to the student's actions remains to be determined."

Following the incident, one student required hospital evaluation on the recommendation of their guardian, while the others were collected by their parents.

In response to the incident, Phalen Leadership Academies, the organization overseeing Discovery Creative Pathways, issued a statement through Ashley N. Minter, the National Director of Marketing and Communications:

There was an isolated incident regarding unauthorized items or behaviors exhibited by a couple of middle school students today, Thursday, Feb. 22. Administration is working to further assess and address this incident. As this is an open investigation, we are not at liberty to share any other details. If it is determined that scholars were involved in the incident, they will be subject to disciplinary action pursuant to Discovery Creative Pathways Harper Woods Student Handbook and/or board policy.

As with any case of unauthorized items or behaviors that are outside of the standard of excellence for our students, we work to ensure corrective action is taken. We always keep scholar safety at the forefront of what we do. Harper Woods is dedicated to ensuring our school is and remains an open, nurturing environment that promotes scholar growth and opportunity.

As of now, no additional information regarding the incident has been made available to the public.

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