Ishpeming Maintains Current Cannabis Retailer Cap After Community Feedback

April 10th, 2024 Legislation & Policy Updates
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The City of Ishpeming has decided against revising its cannabis ordinance, maintaining the current regulation that permits only two cannabis retailers within the city limits. This decision came after a public hearing conducted by the Ishpeming Planning Commission, which was aimed at considering a proposal to amend the city's cannabis ordinance. The proposed amendment sought to authorize the establishment of two processing facilities, two safety compliance facilities, and two secure transfer facilities in addition to the existing retail outlets.

The public hearing, held last Monday, witnessed significant community involvement, with 14 residents from Ishpeming expressing their disapproval of the amendment. They raised concerns about the potential increase in drug presence within the city, arguing against the need for additional cannabis facilities. Notably, there were no voices in support of the proposed changes during the session.

The Ishpeming Planning Commission appreciated the active participation of the city's residents in the decision-making process. Brooke Routhier, Chair of the Ishpeming Planning Commission, praised the community's engagement, stating, "I absolutely loved what happened tonight. It is very hard to get the public's input, so to get the public to come out and provide their comment is fantastic. That's what the whole process is about."

However, the commission's vote on whether to recommend the ordinance amendment to the City Council ended in a deadlock, with a 4-4 tie, resulting in the failure of the motion to pass. This outcome ensures that the existing regulations governing cannabis retailers in Ishpeming will remain unchanged, reflecting the community's stance against the expansion of cannabis-related facilities in the city.

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