Lions Labs Shifts Product Branding Following Legal Challenge from Tootsie Roll

April 26th, 2024 Legal & Crime
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Lansing-based Lions Labs, a prominent cannabis products manufacturer in Michigan, has recently announced the rebranding of its popular sugar-coated edible product following a legal challenge from Tootsie Roll Industries. The edible, formerly known as Potdots, will now be marketed under the new name, Potpots. This change also extends to the product's logo, packaging, and marketing materials.

The rebranding decision came after Tootsie Roll Industries, a Chicago-based candy corporation, issued a cease-and-desist letter to Lions Labs, claiming that the name Potdots infringed on their trademark for "Dots" gumdrops. The letter prompted a swift response from Lions Labs to avoid any potential legal disputes.

Ryan Ratzloff, CEO of Lion Labs, expressed his thoughts on the matter: "While we are disappointed in Tootsie Roll's position on this matter, we look forward to avoiding any dispute and are excited for our 1mg edible's new name: Potpots." He also extended his gratitude towards the company's customers, thanking them for their continued support through the transition.

This incident is part of a growing trend where companies outside the cannabis industry have taken legal action to protect their trademarks. Similar cases have been seen involving organizations like the Girl Scouts of America, Gorilla Glue Corp., the makers of Tapatio hot sauce, The Hershey Co., and The Wrigley Co., all of whom have successfully challenged cannabis companies over trademark issues.

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