Lucid Green and Common Citizen Collaborate to Improve Consumer Information in Cannabis Sector

January 16th, 2024 Business & Industry
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Lucid Green, a platform specializing in item-level tracking for the cannabis industry, has formed a strategic partnership with Michigan-based cannabis company Common Citizen. This collaboration is set to introduce new educational tools aimed at both recreational and medical cannabis consumers in Michigan, leveraging advanced QR-style technology to improve access to product information.

The primary goal of this partnership is to enhance transparency in the cannabis supply chain, enabling consumers to access detailed information about products more easily. This initiative is expected to help consumers make more informed decisions, aligning with their individual preferences and values.

Both Lucid Green and Common Citizen emphasize the importance of immediate access to accurate product information for consumers. This new alliance underscores a shared focus on fostering trust and transparency within the cannabis industry.

Common Citizen, noted for its focus on product safety and customer experience, aligns with these objectives. Michael Elias, CEO of Common Citizen, commented on the collaboration: "Partnering with Lucid Green is a step towards emphasizing transparency in the cannabis industry. Our combined efforts are directed at helping consumers navigate the market more confidently, identifying products that meet their requirements."

Larry Levy, founder & CEO of Lucid Green, also spoke on the partnership: "Lucid Green's ethos centers around building trust through transparency. Working with Common Citizen, we are committed to providing consumers with precise information about cannabis products, which is crucial for informed decision-making."

The partnership extends to the LucidID app, offering users an interactive experience with products. For more details about this collaboration and to explore the Citizen product experience on the LucidID app, visit the following link:

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