Michigan Community Reflects on Cannabis Acceptance During Weed Day Festivities

April 21st, 2024 Culture & Lifestyle
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Residents of Midland County, Michigan, gathered in large numbers at local cannabis dispensaries this Saturday to mark the annual celebration of Weed Day, with long lines seen at both Emerald Fire Farms in Coleman and LaCannaville in Sanford. This event, steeped in tradition even before the legalization of recreational cannabis in Michigan in 2018, has become a significant local celebration.

Jazmyne Dulong of Farwell, celebrating her first Weed Day, shared that she turned to cannabis in the past year as a means to manage her anxiety, depression, and ADHD. "Cannabis brings people together," Dulong noted, reflecting on the increased societal acceptance and the packed scene at Emerald Fire Farms.

Similarly, Jason Pegorch of Coleman highlighted the sense of community the plant fosters, especially evident during such gatherings. Pegorch, along with other attendees, appreciated the giveaways and the festive atmosphere at the dispensaries. Emerald Fire Farms was celebrating its third Weed Day, while LaCannaville marked its first anniversary since opening on Weed Day the previous year.

The sentiment that Weed Day has long been a holiday was echoed by several attendees, including Gage White of Sanford, who reminisced about times spent with friends enjoying cannabis even before its legal status. Dan Fenskie of Houghton Lake celebrated the legalization, recalling the days when he had to conceal his use of marijuana. "It's great they legalized it," Fenskie said, commenting on the overwhelming prevalence of cannabis use globally.

The legalization, according to Anthony Nelson of Sanford, has not only made cannabis more accessible but has also ensured the regulation of its quality, alleviating concerns about impurities or harmful additives which were common fears in the pre-legalization era.

The therapeutic benefits of cannabis were a common thread among discussions, with individuals citing relief from various medical conditions such as Parkinson's disease, chronic pain, bipolar disorder, and more. Dave Madison of Saginaw shared how cannabis has helped manage his Parkinson's symptoms more effectively than traditional pain medications.

Despite the festive and communal atmosphere, some attendees acknowledged the persistent skepticism and stigma surrounding cannabis use. Ted Provost of Sanford pointed out that not everyone has embraced the legalization and use of cannabis. However, many, like Penny Johnson of Sanford, believe that acceptance has significantly grown, viewing cannabis through a more open and informed lens.

As the community continues to navigate the evolving perspectives on cannabis, events like Weed Day play a crucial role in fostering dialogue and dispelling long-held misconceptions, paving the way for a more inclusive understanding of cannabis use both recreationally and medicinally.

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