Michigan Court Convicts Man Using Cannabis to Lure and Abuse Young Sisters

April 20th, 2024 Legal & Crime
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A Sanford man was convicted on multiple felony charges for his predatory actions involving two 13-year-old sisters, including the use of cannabis to facilitate sexual abuse. The verdict was delivered on Wednesday following a three-day trial in the Midland County Circuit Court under Judge Stephen Carras.

Dwayne Acklin, 39, faced serious accusations, culminating in convictions for first-degree criminal sexual conduct (CSC), three counts of second-degree CSC, and two counts of delivering cannabis to minors. These charges detailed Acklin's exploitation of the minors during family visits, where he not only engaged in inappropriate sexual conduct but also provided them with cannabis, thereby using the substance as a means to commit his crimes.

The jury, which began deliberations on Tuesday afternoon, heard that Acklin leveraged the cannabis to manipulate and sexually abuse one of the sisters. This disturbing strategy played a central role in the case, highlighting the severe misuse of controlled substances to exploit vulnerable individuals.

Acklin's history of criminal behavior, including a 2010 conviction for larceny and a prior acquittal on charges related to child sexual abuse, contributed to his current status as a habitual offender. This designation may extend his sentencing by an additional 25%.

Following the jury's decision, Acklin was remanded to the Midland County Jail, where he awaits sentencing scheduled for July 3rd at 2 p.m. by Judge Carras.

The case was brought to light after the mother of one of the victims uncovered incriminating text messages from Acklin to her daughter, prompting immediate law enforcement intervention. Midland County Prosecutor J. Dee Brooks underscored the tragic and lasting emotional impact such crimes have on victims, while acknowledging the efforts of Assistant District Attorney Courtney Driscoll and Sheriff's Office Detective Scott Holzinger for their roles in securing the conviction.

Midland County Sheriff Myron Greene remarked on the swift action taken by deputies following the mother's alert, leading to Acklin's arrest and the subsequent legal proceedings that confirmed the grievous nature of his offenses.

This case serves as a sobering reminder of the dangers posed by the misuse of substances like cannabis in criminal acts against minors, emphasizing the need for vigilant community and legal oversight.

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