Michigan Marijuana Mogul, White Boy Rick, Supports Local Foster Kids

September 29th, 2023 Culture & Lifestyle
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Rick Wershe, famously known as "White Boy Rick", has made a significant contribution to Michigan's foster community. He raised and donated a staggering $50,000 to the non-profit organization, Love For A Child. Wershe, currently spearheading his own cannabis line, disclosed that a substantial portion of these funds came from philanthropic individuals and entities within the cannabis sector.

About Love For A Child

Love For A Child plays a pivotal role in Michigan's foster care landscape. It not only equips foster children and their caretakers with essential resources but also arranges mentoring programs. Moreover, the organization offers a unique overnight camp. This experience allows these children a brief respite from their often challenging day-to-day realities.

"We have established three offices across Michigan to reach as many children as possible," Joe Savalle, the organization's founder and executive director, shared. "We primarily serve children aged six to twelve in the foster care system. Our focus is on those who've experienced varied forms of trauma, providing summer camps, mentoring, and a host of other resources."

Rick Wershe emphasized the ease with which he secured funds from the cannabis sector. He further highlighted the community-driven nature of the cannabis industry. Two renowned Michigan cannabis firms, MKX Oil Co and Exclusive Cannabis Brands, collaborated with Wershe on his cannabis line, The 8th.

Speaking about Love For A Child, Wershe passionately said, "They transform the lives of children who've been forgotten. By offering them a week of paradise at camp, they get a chance to briefly set aside their circumstances. My ambition is to support as many of these children as possible through this organization."

A Call for More Community Involvement

Wershe didn't shy away from pointing fingers at what he termed as the "legal drug cartels" in the U.S. - big pharmaceutical companies. He criticized them for not sufficiently supporting communities and needy children, especially foster children in places like Detroit. According to Wershe, the cannabis sector, in contrast, is more community-centric and active in its charitable pursuits.

Highlighting issues in the foster care system, Wershe shed light on the stark reality that many face post-foster care. "Upon turning 18, many of these kids find themselves out on the streets. If I can bring about change, even for a single child, it's wholly worth it," he emphasized.

Wershe's charitable endeavors aren't limited to just this cause. He recently donated a handicap van, valued at nearly $100,000, to a deserving family. Furthermore, he gifted hundreds of Air Force 1 sneakers to disadvantaged children, ensuring every child at the Macomb County Youth Home had a pair last Christmas. He credits the cannabis industry for enabling him to undertake these acts of kindness, revealing that 90% of his charitable contributions come from this sector.

Acknowledging Generous Contributors

The following donors made Wershe's impactful donation to Love For A Child possible:

  • House Of Dank
  • Cloud Cannabis
  • Puff Cannabis
  • Wayne Wellness Inc
  • Pure Cannabis Outlet
  • Homegrown Cannabis
  • Leaf + Bud
  • URB Cannabis
  • Cannation
  • Stiiizy (Ryan)
  • Jars Michigan
  • Feldman Chevrolet
  • Kimberly Russo
  • Brinker Construction
  • Jeffrey & Kevin Denha
  • Bulldog Ventures + Investments
  • Ron Lipson + Cathy Loriz
  • Michael Hermiz And Family
  • Andrew Halsey
  • Coral Reef Productions Inc
  • Harry + Sean Zeer
  • James Esshaki
  • Tallulah Wine Bar
  • Wintergreen Landscaping Company
  • Jeff Satwa Living Trust

Michigan's cannabis industry, with Wershe at the forefront, is showing that it's more than just business. Through their contributions, they're making a real difference in the community.

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