Michigan Medical Marijuana Update: Bridging the Knowledge Gap

September 21st, 2023 Medical Marijuana
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Michigan proudly stands as one of the 38 states that have embraced medical cannabis legalization. Yet, a 2021 Journal of Cannabis Research study revealed a startling statistic: only 18% of Michigan's medical marijuana patients rate their primary care physician's insight on the subject as "very good" or "excellent." Interestingly, the majority have communicated their cannabis usage to their doctors. But feedback on physician knowledge is varied, and a significant portion sought their medical cannabis licenses from external doctors.

Dr. Evan Litinas sheds light on this by stating, "A vast segment of consumers utilizes cannabis for holistic well-being. If patients feel a disconnect discussing cannabis with their doctors, they often approach local cannabis dispensaries, hoping a budtender might provide clarity."

He cautions, however, "While many dispensaries are top-notch in assisting consumers, there are instances where they fall short in disseminating accurate information about this potent medicinal herb. This disparity can create a chasm between the consumer's understanding and expectations of cannabis."

Dr. Litinas is collaborating with Local Roots Cannabis on 'Medical Mondays' throughout September and October. Every Monday, between noon and 4 p.m., he'll be at the dispensary, addressing queries on THC, CBD, and beyond. Though he won't be providing personalized medical counsel, he aims to offer a holistic understanding of cannabis's medicinal applications, from interpreting lab outcomes to elucidating cannabis's impact on specific ailments. Moreover, he wishes to instigate a dialogue among consumers and their primary physicians about cannabis.

With a career spanning over a decade in the medical marijuana realm, including contributions to cannabis research at the University of Michigan and a pivotal role as the chief medical officer for Ann Arbor dispensary Om of Medicine (now Mission Ann Arbor) till 2020, Dr. Litinas is passionate about edifying the masses on cannabis. His endeavors culminated in a harmonious alliance with Local Roots owners, Roy and Ronda Liskey. The synergy was palpable, as Dr. Litinas remarked, "The Liskeys are genuine community pillars. Our collaborative efforts will surely elevate cannabis education."

Roy Liskey acknowledged Dr. Litinas' commitment, stating, "Though there's no definitive promise that products will universally aid medical conditions, a plethora of research-backed evidence exists. Dr. Litinas' engagement is a boon to our community. We're indebted to his expertise and dedication."

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