Michigan Residents Face Serious Charges for Interstate Marijuana Transport

October 5th, 2023 Legal & Crime
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Three Michigan residents are now facing serious legal consequences after allegedly attempting to transport multiple pounds of marijuana to New York City. Their story serves as a cautionary reminder to Michiganders about the risks associated with carrying marijuana across state lines.

Kamel Hariri, 30, of Dearborn; Rocco Antonio Melissari, 41, of Inkster; and Donnie Dewayne Hall, 42, of Fenton were apprehended on Interstate 80 in White Deer Township, Pennsylvania. The incident underscores that while marijuana may be legal in Michigan for certain purposes, traveling with it to other states can result in dire legal ramifications.

On October 4th, at approximately 1:10 p.m., their 2022 Ford SUV was pulled over for what appeared to be a window tint violation. However, it wasn't just the window tint that caught the attention of law enforcement; a strong odor of marijuana allegedly emanated from the vehicle.

Upon searching the SUV with the occupants' consent, officers found several pounds of marijuana, packing materials, and a loaded firearm in the center console. The trio confessed that the marijuana was destined for a New York City hotel room, with payment to be received upon delivery.

Charges against the three men include two felony counts each of manufacturing, delivering, and possessing with intent to deliver. They also face misdemeanor charges related to possession of a controlled substance and drug paraphernalia. Hall has an added charge regarding window tint, labeled as "improper sunscreening".

All three are currently held at Union County Jail with a bail set at $50,000 cash. Their legal journey continues with bail hearings and preliminary hearings slated for this month.

This incident provides a stark reminder to Michigan residents: while our state has its own marijuana laws, venturing across borders can place you in jurisdictions with very different, and sometimes harsher, regulations. Always be informed and cautious when considering transporting marijuana, or any controlled substance, interstate.

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