Michigan's Jayden's Law: A Push for Medical Marijuana Administration in Schools

September 29th, 2023 Legislation & Policy Updates
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Michigan currently mandates that any pediatric patient registered for medical marijuana must be relocated 1,000 feet away from school premises, by their parent or guardian, to be given state-approved THC (Tetrahydrocannabinol) or CBD (cannabidiol) products. After administration, the student has to return and resume their school activities.

State Rep. Jimmie Wilson Jr. and six fellow representatives are advocating for a change. Their new bill, "Jayden's Law," aims to simplify the process for pediatric patients, preventing them from missing valuable school time, feeling isolated from peers, and placing undue burdens on their families.

Key Features of Jayden's Law

  • Schools would be mandated to establish clear rules for THC or CBD medication administration.

  • Designation of specific school staff for supervision during medication administration.

  • Protections would be put in place for students, parents, legal guardians, and all involved in the medication process during school hours and related activities.

  • Requirements for Jayden's Law include a written treatment plan from the parent/guardian, supervision during medication by a designated staffer, and annual proof of the student's medical marijuana card.

This legislation was inspired by Jayden Carter and the challenges he faced. Jayden's experience with medical marijuana was transformative, and he and his mother, Amie Carter, advocated for changes to allow students like him easier access during school hours.

"Jayden's Law" takes cues from Illinois' "Ashley's Law," which was enacted in 2018 after 12-year-old Ashley Surin needed CBD oil for seizures induced by chemotherapy for leukemia.

The Story Behind Jayden's Law

Jayden Carter's life wasn't easy. From infancy, his mother noticed his constant crying and his adverse reactions to lights and sounds. By his first birthday, Jayden had three seizures.

As he grew older, Jayden's challenges became more pronounced. Diagnosed with Asperger's Syndrome, ADHD, and Oppositional Defiant Disorder, he was prescribed numerous pharmaceutical drugs, yet his aggression continued.

However, everything changed when he was prescribed cannabis oil-filled capsules at age 9. Jayden shares, "Before I took cannabis, I felt detached. Now, I feel in sync with myself."

Michigan's current laws limit Jayden's medication intake at school, creating daily challenges for him and his mother. State Rep. Jimmie Wilson Jr. is pushing for changes with Jayden's Law, drawing parallels with Illinois' successful implementation of a similar bill.

Jayden's mom started jaydenslaw.com to educate and advocate for this vital legislation. Her hope, along with many others, is that students and parents won't have to endure these hurdles in the future.

Rep. Wilson is optimistic about reintroducing the bill in May, aiming for broad bipartisan support. As Michigan's marijuana landscape evolves, "Jayden's Law" symbolizes a step toward inclusivity and medical accessibility for all students.

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