Michigan's Mood Cannabis Co.: A Revolutionary Approach to Branding

October 5th, 2023 Business & Industry
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In the rapidly shifting dynamics of the cannabis and hemp sectors, Michigan's Mood Cannabis Co. is distinguishing itself with a nuanced approach to branding and product representation. Rather than relying solely on the conventional indica-sativa classification, the company is emphasizing the emotional and sensory experiences tied to different strains.

The name "Mood" isn't just a catchy moniker. Its inception came from a fortuitous brainstorming meeting with Branding-Pat, the Executive Creative Director at Upwork. This lightbulb moment took place in Austin, Texas, during an informal gathering. The vision presented was clear: developing a cannabis brand that transcends the basic indica and sativa labels, focusing on the emotional resonance of the strains.

This led to a discussion about simplifying the intricate world of cannabis for the average consumer. The title "Mood" was a play on words, signifying the mood-altering effects of cannabis and the company's objective to simplify its representation.

For Mood Cannabis Co., the journey doesn't end at delivering quality products. Their overarching goal is to reshape public perception around cannabis. The founder believes that the path to this lies in demonstrating that cannabis can be consumed responsibly by everyday Americans.

Mood Cannabis Co.'s Unique Approach to Classification

Currently, the company employs a method termed "interpening" to determine the mood likely to be evoked by each product based on lab analyses.

In its ongoing commitment to reshape perceptions, Mood Cannabis Co. is revamping its branding. The goal is to underscore that cannabis is a substance that can be consumed safely and responsibly by a wide range of individuals. By highlighting core values such as intelligence, compassion, family orientation, humor, and kindness, the company seeks to counter prevailing stereotypes and foster a more inclusive and understanding attitude towards cannabis.

The founder has a noted preference for the Micro Dose THC gummies. Comprising 5mg of Delta-9 THC and 50mg of CBD, these gummies are formulated for a mild yet pleasant effect. Drawing a comparison between CBD's soothing qualities and the boost from THC, the founder notes the synergistic effect as both enjoyable and balanced.

Integral to Mood Cannabis Co.'s success is its talented and dedicated team. The founder speaks highly of their collective expertise, commitment, and passion. This extends to creating a nurturing workspace, promoting both personal and professional growth.

With its innovative approach and vision for the future, Mood Cannabis Co. stands as a beacon of potential for the evolving cannabis industry.

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